Yoox Reviews on buying cheap brand clothes, is it reliable?

You will find the best discount fashion brands at Yoox, but is this store really reliable to buy? Know the opinions about this platform and its shipments, returns, prices and quality of service before buying.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
yoox reviews

If you just got to know Yoox but don't know whether to trust this online store, you need to know all the information you'll find in this article to create your own opinion about Yoox.

Yoox's Reviews for shopping branded clothes

First you should know that although this idea may inspire you, Yoox is not a Chinese store, but rather a store based in Milan, Italy. Basically Yoox's goal is to offer luxury fashion brands at low prices. With these big brands it has commercial deals to offer them for less money and it is not that they are second-hand items.

At the same time, what Yoox wants is to make emerging fashion designers known and give them the opportunity they deserve to sell their designs and start a successful career in fashion in order to make a living from their profession.

Yoox sells in 10 languages and to 100 countries through its online store. Their experience currently spans more than 20 years because they started selling in 2000.

It is found selling prestigious brands such as Dolce&Gabanna, Roberto Cavalli, Marni, Versace, Stella Mccartney, Maison Margiela, Chloé, Gucci, Balenciaga or Jil Sander among other renowned designers.

However, you can always buy cheaper clothes at Yoox because they also sell clothes from cheaper brands such as Topshop, Vero Moda, Only, Pieces, Jack & Jones, Vila, Phard or Iesse.

The fact that Yoox controls all the products that it sells in its store personally under its warehouses makes the quality of Yoox and its clothing very good. On the other hand, since Yoox sells luxury designer fashion, the garments will never be cheap or poor quality, but rather they will be durable garments with good seam finishes and the use of quality fabrics.

All Yoox items are new except those that indicate Vintage that they are second-hand. But Yoox goes to great lengths and each product is studied for authenticity.

The Yoox sizes will depend on the size of the brand clothing you want to buy and each of them has different measurements for each size. You can find the size for each garment in the size guide of each clothing brand on its original website.

In Yoox you can buy clothes for women, men and boys and girls, so it is the perfect place to find different and inspiring clothes for all people. But you will also find many decoration items for your home or your favorite space in the "Design+Art" category.

Yoox's prices are characterized by deep discounts ranging from 30 to 70 percent off. The discount will depend on the specific item, but the prices you will find in the store are from a minimum of 15 euros onwards per item, because Yoox also sells fashion from more modest brands.

You can find the cheapest Yoox fashion if in each category of the web you order two products for the lowest price. Or also selecting the brands to get only those that interest you.

It is very interesting to buy the cheapest brands at Yoox since we can get items of 100 euros for 24 euros, which is a great discount to get quality clothes.

Yoox shipments are free if we make an order of more than 150 euros or 200 dollars, something that is really simple considering the prices of the items in the store.

However, if you place an order less than this limit, you will have to pay approximately between 5 euros and 10 euros for shipping depending on the country in which you are buying, for standard shipping if you want your order to arrive in a maximum of 6 days, this being the cheapest shipping cost.

The Yoox Returns have a step of 14 days from when the order reaches the customer to be able to be returned. They are easy returns since you only have to request it through the web and deliver your order at the collection point you want.

The Yoox taxes for the different countries are already included in the price of each item, so users in the European Union do not have to worry about having to pay VAT since it is Yoox who declares the tax for you.

In the case of the Yoox customs in the European Union, they do not affect because the warehouse is located on the same continent. While in other continents such as the United States or Latin America, the order may be retained in customs, although it will be the result of chance alone, as in any other store where we buy outside our continent. This is because all orders come from Italy.

Yoox is reliable to make your purchases because it is a clothing sales platform with many years of experience. Where paying becomes simple and fast with easy-to-do returns.

However, if you are looking for cheaper clothes you can also shop at Yoox filtering by the lowest prices. But another alternative to this store where they sell clothes from the same cheap brands is Zalando where you can also buy in the same way.