Why is my SHEIN package not moving - What should I do? [Updated 2023]

If you are suffering because your SHEIN order is not updated in its tracking, it is time for you to know what to do about it.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
why is my shein package not moving

I placed an order on SHEIN the other day and my sister did too. We both placed the order 3 days apart, I being the first to order and my sister the second. We both live in the same city so we started from equal conditions.

Both order prices were similar. However, my sister received the order, although she requested it later than I did, and my tracking was not updated . I was already afraid that the order had been arbitrarily detained by customs, but I'll tell you what I did in this article.

Reasons why my SHEIN order is not updating

There are a number of reasons why a SHEIN order won't update and you should try to figure out to get your order to you:

- SHEIN platform error : the platform may not be updating correctly, so the tracking will not appear updated.

- Shipping company tracking error : maybe the shipping company has not updated the tracking of the package and then SHEIN does not have information to update you on tracking.

- SHEIN logistics error : SHEIN may have overlooked your order and did not ship it.

- Shipping company error : the company may have ordered the order and therefore the tracking is not updated.

- Promotion periods : if you placed your order on sale, Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Christmas, the most likely thing is that the shipping company is collapsed and sends slower than your order it won't update as quickly.

- Customs : The most dreaded reason why the SHEIN order is not updated is that it is in customs, although this is usually the least likely. (Read here how SHEIN Customs works)

What do I do if my SHEIN order is not updated ?

Knowing what to do when your order is not updated in SHEIN, and you really don't know where it is is important.

However, it is recommended that you do not worry if only 3 days have passed since your order has not been updated.

If the estimated delivery time passes, it is important that you act not quickly to know where the order is and that it finally reaches you.

All the statuses of your package in the tracking of the shipment that appear to you, you can know what they mean in this list of meanings of the SHEIN shipping statuses here.

These options to act when your secure order is not updated will inspire you and help you solve it:

  1. Check the tracking number : in my case I took the tracking number that came at the top of the tracking information and entered it in the CTT company's tracker, which was the one SHEIN indicated had my order.

    Since my order had stopped at "Spain reached the local courier facilities" which meant that it had arrived in Spain but it had not been updated for days.

    When I looked for the tracking number it already appeared to me that it was in the delivery company in Murcia, therefore it was an error in the SHEIN system that apparently was not updated correctly, when my sister's had done so, both in the same transport company.

    This is so you can see the disparity between both orders with the same characteristics. It's not always a bad thing and it can be a SHEIN bug.

  2. Call the transport company : if you have tried to verify the tracking number by entering it on the shipping company's website but it tells you the same as in the SHEIN tracking and It has been like this for days, it is best to find the number of the shipping company and call giving them your tracking number and they will tell you where it is.

    If your order is in customs, the shipping company must know it perfectly, therefore, do not worry.

  3. Contact SHEIN : If the shipping company doesn't know where the order is, it's time to talk to SHEIN. However, it is always recommended that you be patient, since there are periods of the year where promotions cause shipments to collapse and arrive later.

    You can talk to SHEIN by chat to make it easier and ask them where the order is so you can be more calm.

    When you have contacted SHEIN, they will surely give you the answer as to why your order is not being updated.

I hope this article has helped you and helps you know what to expect if your SHEIN order doesn't update.

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