Why is Emery Rose so cheap, is it reliable to buy? [2023]

If you want to know what is the reason why the clothing brand Emery Rose is so cheap to know whether to trust making a purchase in its online store, here you will find the information you need.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
why is emery rose so cheap

When we access an online store in which we have never bought, we wonder if it will be reliable, and above all, since we are used to high prices if a store has low prices on its clothes, we suspect that this store may have something wrong.

This is what happens in the case of the Emery Rose online store where a long-sleeved t-shirt can cost you between 4 and 10 euros on average and is really cheap compared to other online stores, since in Emery Rose in their images of product we see real quality but before asking our first question we cannot be entirely sure.

In this article you will know why Emery Rose is so cheap and therefore if Emery Rose is reliable to place your first order.

Why is Emery Rose so cheap?

Emery Rose is a store with clothing of Chinese origin. More specifically, Emery Rose's clothes come from the factories of the giant and famous SHEIN. If you don't know SHEIN, you should know that it is the largest and most profitable online fashion store of Chinese origin in the fashion sector.

Chinese fashion stores always have low prices and this is due to their high quantity of mass products followed by high user demand for their products justify why Emery Rose is so cheap.

emery rose lowcost

At the same time, shipping costs are so low because shipments from China are chartered in full planes of product, which makes the flight price for each package minimal and does not increase the costs of each shipment.


This coincides both in the Emery Rose online store and in SHEIN, since exactly the same products are sold, although in Emery Rose we will see more variety and in SHEIN a small sample of the Emery Rose brand, because in SHEIN Many different clothing brands coexist that need space in SHEIN to have visibility and be able to sell.

Fast Fashion in the cheap clothes of Emery Rose

Fast Fashion is the fast fashion that Emery Rose uses in his factories, that is, the flow of chain production of clothing made industrially with materials that may not be ecological. Its objective is to produce large quantities of clothing to lower the unit price of each item.

Currently, most fashion stores are Fast Fashion because it is the only way to have such cheap product costs and obtain enough profit to maintain their stores and be able to continue serving the public.

However, these stores ignore the damage they can do to the environment due to the overexploitation of machinery for their manufacture, and the consequent subsequent contamination that the garments create due to their slow degradation.

It is for them that many current stores, although participating in the Fast Fashion movement, incorporate the recycling of their garments to create new ones and help avoid the contamination of old garments that people no longer use and the rapid deterioration of they cause people to have to buy clothes more quickly so as not to wear damaged clothes.

To this is added the path of ultra-fast trend change to which the fashion sector is subjected. Which means that stores must generate new clothing models much faster, further increasing environmental pollution.

Is Emery Rose reliable to buy?

Despite the fact that Emery Rose mass-produces clothes, we must not forget that these clothes are made in the same SHEIN warehouses. SHEIN is very successful and as you can see in the opinions of the users of each garment, they are always happy with their purchases.

Emery Rose clothing is therefore of high quality and you can read all the features and my Emery rose clothing review here to learn more about the quality of the clothing.

Therefore, the low prices of Emery Rose do not mean poor quality clothing, nor low efficiency in its online store, but rather belonging to a business model with high production and mass sales of products.

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