I Want Free Clothes! Where to get free clothes - 5 SUPER GOOD options

GET IT! Do you want FREE clothes? Be very attentive to this article because I analyze the places on the Internet where we can get free clothes with options valid for almost anywhere on the planet.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
where to get free clothes

We have all gone through the situation of wanting free clothes , either because we don't have the possibility to buy them and we need clothes or because we want to get these free clothes to have more flattering clothes to wear.

Almost everyone is looking to get free clothes shein , Bershka, Nike, Aliexpress, baby or Wish. In this article I will explain the real possibilities of everyone to get free clothes, even free clothes at home you can get t-shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, accessories and many types of clothes for free.

Types of free clothes that you can get

If you want to get free clothes you must bear in mind that you can get clothes in these two states:

- Free used clothes : there are many people who do not have space in their homes to have clothes and need to donate these clothes, usually there are more donations of free baby clothes but you can find all types almost always on websites of this type.

- Free new clothes : you can get free clothes in test centers of online stores or also by signing up for sweepstakes for brand contests or freebies on the Internet, as we will see in continued.

Ways to find free clothes

Don't be lied to! Not everywhere you can get free clothes . But in these ways you will have options to search for free clothes and find them:

- Free clothing ads : on notice boards or second-hand apps you will be able to find people who want to give away their clothes, usually in packs and you can request them to be sent to your home even though You will only have to pay the shipping cost if the person does not reside in the same city as you.

- Free clothing raffles online : brands that want to attract new followers through raffles on social networks make these free clothing raffles and you can get them.

- Free clothing samples : Few fashion brands give free clothing samples for users to try, but it can happen. The objective of these brands that give people free clothing tests is to know the opinion of the market. These free samples will usually be found on the official websites of the brands.

- Testing centers or clothing freebies : some online stores, especially online stores of Chinese origin, have product testing centers or freebies that they want to give to test users in exchange for opinions on each product that encourage other users to buy. In this case, the testing centers also have free clothing freebies.

- Very cheap clothes : you may not get free clothes and then you will have the option of collecting coupons, points and discounts to choose to buy in online stores that have of these mechanisms and buy really cheap.

- Request clothes : you can choose to ask for clothes from your close people, family or friends, or in case of being at risk to donation centers. Family and friends surely have clothes that they no longer wear because they no longer wear them or because they do not fit well and the size does not fit.

- As an influencer : I have left this option for the last one since being an influencer is not the most common, but if you want to get free clothes as an influencer you will have two ways to do it: or clothing brands They are interested in you and want you to talk about them on your blog in exchange for free clothes that they will send you or address or you enter into an affiliate program, with which you will not get free clothes but it is an alternative to earn money because others buy clothes Without your selling it, only promoting it with the link of the affiliate program personalized for your user that will provide you with the specific online store with which you collaborate.

Sites to find free clothes

There are sites to get free clothes such as these different APPs and websites that are the best known to get them:

  1. Vinted, Notice board or other second-hand pages : on the ad pages or second-hand APPs you can find users offering free clothes .

  2. SHEIN Testing Center : In the SHEIN Testing Center you can find free clothing to sign up for in order to win them.

  3. Freebies from Aliexpress : Aliexpress allows you to try their products for free where you will also find free clothes. You can sign up to enter the draw for two freebies a day.

  4. Aliexpress free stuff : by accessing Aliexpress in the coins section you can play a game and check in daily to get coins and just below you will see items for $ 0.01 + some coins for what you will get these products for free.

  5. Very cheap clothes in SHEIN, ALIEXPRESS or Romwe : almost free clothes you can get using points, discount coupons and cashback on these websites.

  6. Free samples pages : usually free samples run out very soon but you can request these free samples knowing about them as they are published on websites that you can easily access by searching, there are many.

  7. Clothes raffles on Instagram : if you search on Instagram for "Sweepstakes" you will see that there are many raffles that are currently active with clothes in which you can participate.

  8. Charity Centers or Caritas : Charity centers and non-profit organizations also offer free clothes, visit them to order these clothes for free.

Free clothes are not easy to find, but we can choose any of these very different options.

I hope this article has been of help to you and you get those free clothes so longed for. Keep reading the blog to find much more interesting information about free stuff.