+7 Things you can do with your used clothes and take advantage of them [2023]

Find out what to do with the old clothes you no longer wear. Find solutions to all those clothes that no longer fit you or you no longer use and contribute to the collaborative economy.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
what to do with old clothes

Old clothes or clothes that you no longer wear are a problem for wardrobes, since they only manage to accumulate without any purpose and without knowing what to do with them. They prevent us from filling our closet with new clothes, in our size or more flattering and in better condition.

In this blog that you are reading I talk a lot about what to do with the clothes you no longer wear, however I have spoken separately in different articles where I give you all the information you need to solve this problem of managing our used clothes.

In this article I will take a tour of the options we have for what to do with old clothes. I'm sure you'll get ideas right away. The best and most positive thing is that you don't end up throwing away clothes and that you collaborate in the collaborative recirculation of garments, both for their use and to create new garments.

Options: What to do with the old clothes you no longer wear?

It is time to look for alternatives and options. In the following list you will find what is currently being done the most. Discover your options:

  1. Donate old clothes

    Donating clothes is the most classic action. Normally you will have containers in your city where you can take the clothes you don't use that will be delivered to people with fewer resources. On the other hand, there are other ways to donate your clothes by other companies and non-profit organizations.

  2. Sell the Old Clothes

    Another option on what to do with old clothes that you will love is being able to sell your old clothes. You can sell your clothes that you no longer use both in applications and web pages and sell them to physical and online stores that sell second-hand clothes. There are many options for you to sell your roba in exchange for money and earn an extra per month.

  3. Exchange used clothes for coupons

    The idea is that you bag all those clothes you no longer wear and take them to a store that in exchange for this bag will give you a discount for your next purchase in their store.

    More and more companies are joining this movement, in which they are responsible for recycling garments to create new clothes or donate them.

  4. Giving away old clothes

    Not only donate it to other charities, but you can search for people in your environment to give the clothes to. For example, family, friends, people at work or in your neighborhood.

  5. Transform old clothes

    Join garments, cut garments, put patches, dye clothes, there are many techniques that the transformation of clothes or DIY (Do it yourself) has brought. It is about transforming your clothes, those old ones that you no longer use.

    With this you can add a new touch to your clothes or even change their size and seasonality. There are many tutorials that you will find on the net where they teach you how to customize clothes.

  6. Customize your clothes to sell them

    If your old clothes are worn, use these clothes to create new clothes that you can put up for sale as your own first-hand stylish creations. Who knows if this will be your next business?

  7. Make old clothes rags

    It's not very stylish, but you can certainly use some of your clothes to get rags to clean your house and not have to spend money buying new ones.

Surely this article on what to do with the clothes you no longer wear and all the attached guides have been useful to you. Keep reading the blog to find more content on how to sell or how to earn money and make your life easier.