What happens if you accidentally confirm delivery on SHEIN [Solutions and Consequences]

Have you confirmed your SHEIN order and don't know if it will arrive? It is time for you to eliminate your doubts to find out what will happen to your order.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
what happens if you accidentally confirm delivery on shein

It is really difficult not to accidentally click on the confirm order button on your SHEIN order list, especially when we use the SHEIN APP.

That is why you should know the consequences of confirming your SHEIN order even if the order has not yet arrived.

You should also know that there are people who intentionally confirm their orders in SHEIN for a reason that I will tell you below, and you also have to know when to confirm your order from SHEIN for the correct process of shipping orders.

What happens if I confirm the statement in SHEIN

The thing that if you confirm the delivery in SHEIN is that your order will still arrive at your home, you will not see the tracking on the SHEIN page but you can track it with the order's tracking number.

But if the order arrives and you want to claim that the order has not arrived, your work will be difficult since your order will appear as delivered.

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Consequences confirm the statement in SHEIN

The consequences of confirming the statement in SHEIN are very few and not as bad as they seem:

- You will no longer see the tracking of the order, but you can follow it by the shipping company with your tracking number.

- You can return the order when it arrives.

- You can comment on the products ahead of time (although it is not normal).

- You will not be able to claim if the order has not arrived, unless you talk to SHEIN and solve it.

- You will have no problem recovering your order if it falls through customs, but if you want to know how to manage this problem, you can solve it here.

Solutions to confirm the agreement in SHEIN

At this point what you can do is contact SHEIN in their chat and ask them before your order arrives that they can somehow solve the fact that you have confirmed the follow-up and so on. the order does not arrive you can claim.

You can also wait for the order to arrive and if it arrives correctly you will not have problems returning any of your products, as long as the return period has not passed. In which case you'd better let SHEIN know first.

Why confirm the delivery in SHEIN ?

There are two reasons why SHEIN users confirm delivery of their order.

The first reason , and the reason why users confirm that the SHEIN order has reached them before they receive it is because this way they will obtain the points that they can exchange for money discounts sooner in their purchases and so they can buy before (Get SHEIN points here to get discount).

The second reason is when they confirm after the order arrives, therefore there is no problem in confirming the order because later they can make the return.

As you can see, the consequences of confirming your order in SHEIN only come down to having to talk to SHEIN if your order does not arrive and you have already confirmed the order.

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