Vinted what if the seller does NOT send the package? [Fixed 2023]

Find out what the consequences would be for the customer if the seller does not send the order you have made to clarify all your doubts.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
vinted what if the seller does not send the package

When it comes to buying on Vinted, if we don't understand the little nuances that the platform has, it's complex to buy and sell, so with practice you'll learn how to solve the problems that come your way.

In this case, you should know that there are many sellers who do not send orders, many because they are busy, others because they do not pay attention to Vinted and others for any reason that can really annoy us customers and that is why it is interesting that know what will happen and the seller does not ship the order.

What happens if the seller doesn't ship the package on Vinted?

The seller on Vinted has 5 working days to send the order, however, the fact that the seller downloads the label does not mean that he has sent the order or will send it.

When the seller sends the order, a notification will be displayed in the chat between the client and the seller and then the shipment will be confirmed.

But surely you are interested in knowing what happens if the seller does not send the package and there are three different reasons that are the cause of it:

  • Vinted seller error

    If the seller has 5 working days to send your order, the order will automatically be canceled and the money will return to the customer.

    In this case, if you are very interested in the product, you can talk to the seller so that he can send it to you, asking him if he has had any problems and has not been able to send it, buy it again and he will send it to you.

  • Vinted submission error

    Another option is that the seller has made the shipment but the notification has not appeared within the chat between the client and the seller. In this case, it is recommended that before 5 days after the customer makes the purchase, ask the seller if something happens because it may be a computer error, and if so, the seller has sent the order and has not been notified in the chat, the seller must click manually to confirm that they have sent the order by clicking on the "Sent" button that will appear to the seller.

  • Client error on Vinted

    Although it may seem incredible to you, there are customers who have made the wrong customer and had placed the order with another person or even had not done so and have thought that the seller had not sent the order.

    Therefore, it is important that you make sure which seller you made the order to avoid making this mistake.

Problems if the seller does not send the order on Vinted

In any case, you should know that if you are a customer and the seller does not send the order, Vinted protects the seller and even if it has been sent and the error is from the platform, the order will still be canceled so you will always get your money.< /p>

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