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tips for ordering from shein

+11 Tricks to buy quality clothes at SHEIN and save money [2022]

Shopping at SHEIN can be quite a complicated process when you first start shopping. Sure you want cheap quality clothes but you don't really know how to choose. With these tips to buy at SHEIN you will get rid of all doubts.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

You've always wondered if you can save more when you shop at SHEIN. When you start shopping in the APP you learn from your mistakes over time, but in this article I will explain the best tricks to get better SHEIN purchases.

The tricks to buy in SHEIN will help you get the best of the platform and save you a few euros that we need so much at this time.

Tricks to buy at SHEIN

The best Tricks to buy at SHEIN that will help you save and have quality purchases are the ones I tell you below:

  • Look at the opinions: the biggest trick to buy in SHEIN and not regret what you are buying is to look at the opinions of the users, because in the photographs you will see if what SHEIN really shows you in your photos is what was promised.

  • Shun Polyester: A very general trend at SHEIN is to sell man-made fabrics made from polyester. Polyester hardly breathes and creates very stiff clothing that is not very comfortable to wear. That is why it is interesting to look for clothing compositions with more cotton than polyester and that always have elastane because it is possible that we want to return these polyester garments and then we cannot.

  • Don't buy white clothes: SHEIN fabrics are very fine, and except for more expensive garments, you should know that white, very light yellow or light beige clothes will show through. To make sure of this you should see the comments of the users. However, it is something very common that will make you not wear the garments after buying them.

  • Visit the Flash sale: the flash sale is a section of SHEIN where we can find very cheap clothes for a limited time. It's worth it because the discounts are even 50% or more on all garments.

  • Buying in opposite seasons: buying summer clothes in summer is interesting because we can quickly enjoy the clothes in the same season. However, if you buy summer clothes in winter or vice versa, those clothes will have much larger discounts. This is especially worth it for winter clothing, which is the most expensive.

  • Search similar items: You may be interested in a certain product but you have to know that there are many products that are almost the same but for less at SHEIN and they are simply more hidden. To find similar products, add the items in question to favorites and click on similar in your wish list to see what similar products it recommends.

  • Use points: if you access the SHEIN mobile application daily, you will see that in your profile you can check in, which will add points daily that you can exchange for 1 dollar for every 100 points you earn. Commenting on your orders will also earn you points.

  • Use the test center: although there are many users who want to get free clothes, you can always choose to try the SHEIN free test center and get free clothes that are raffled among all the people who join the giveaways. You can only do this in your user by entering from the mobile application and clicking on the test center to opt for two garments weekly.

  • Use gift cards: Gift cards will guarantee you an additional 5 euros free that you can use towards your purchase. You simply have to buy your gift card and send it to your email address to use the coupon later.

  • Use coupons from you or others: You can apply coupons before checking out to get discounts. Coupons can be coupons from you, or coupons given to you by other people. There is also the possibility of using the coupons that appear on the home page of the SHEIN website, which you can see by logging out of your user account.

    You can use Facebook groups to get coupons from other people to apply to your basket and get the discount.

  • Filter categories by the cheapest price: when you search for products on SHEIN if you want to save, always remember to use the search engine and filter the products by changing the price range, as well as sorting the products by the cheapest to so you can see cheaper prices on garments that you will also like.