+7 Shops like SHEIN to buy cheap clothing

Are there really alternatives to SHEIN the cheapest fashion shop where to buy fashion? Find more shops similar to SHEIN where you can buy clothes without spending a lot of money and save on your wardrobe renovation.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
sites like shein

SHEIN is a very cheap Chinese clothing shop for women, men and children. However, when shopping at this type of shop, you may not find exactly the clothes you need, or for some reason you may not be satisfied with the shop, but still want to buy clothes at a similar price.

The characteristics of SHEIN shops that you should look for in other shops you want, such as SHEIN, are the following: it is clothing for men, women and children, cheap clothes at affordable prices, international and fast shipping, low shipping costs and fashionable clothes.

Shops like SHEIN

There aren't many other shops that offer the benefits of shopping at SHEIN, at least not most, but by looking around we can find many storesthat you will like just as much as SHEIN:

  1. Zaful

    Zaful is an online men's and women's clothing shop based in Hong Kong. It is a store like SHEINfor its low prices, although there are not many coupons. However, there is a 6% discount for students once a month.

    Advanced students get 8% off every month and free shipping. It offers two shipping options: standard shipping, which takes 7-20 business days, and fast shipping, which takes 3-7 days.

  2. Aliexpress

    Aliexpress is currently the most famous and largest online shop in China. Owned by the creators Alibaba Group, Aliexpress now sells many products of all kinds and from all sectors. Therefore, on Aliexpress you can find clothes for men, women, boys, girls and even dogs. You can find all types, all sizes and all prices, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

  3. Romwe

    Romwe is the most similar clothing shop to SHEIN. That's because they offer coupons and you can earn points to get more discounts like those offered by SHEIN.

    They don't have children's clothes, but they do have a wide selection of stylish clothes. At Zaful, shipping costs depend on the value of the order you buy.

  4. AllyLikes

    AllyLikes is the latest revelation from the Alibaba group, the creators of Aliexpress, who have decided to give SHEIN a run for its money. The clothes you will find in AllyLikes are really similar to SHEIN and the prices are very similar. The online shop has all the security of shopping on Aliexpress.

    At present, they have almost international shipping, and very cheap shipping costs of around 5 euros.

  5. Floryday

    Floryday is also a clothing shop that has expanded from Hong Kong to the UK. It sells all over the world. In this particular case, Floryday only sells women's clothing, footwear and accessories. Like SHEIN, it has a loyalty programme. Shipping costs and delivery times vary according to the country of destination.

  6. Boohoo

    Boohoo is a SHEIN shop with clothing for men and women, with sizes for taller and plus size people. The brand was established in 2006 and now has warehouses and shops all over the world.

    The company was so successful that it acquired the clothing brand Nasty Gal in 2017.Boohoo has the same or slightly higher prices than SHEIN.Boohoo offers international shipping and costs at least €5 per order.

  7. Yoins

    Yoins offers three categories of clothing: women's clothing, plus-size clothing and men's clothing. The online clothing shop started in Hong Kong in 2014 with rock-bottom prices and is now based in Cyprus.

    Like SHEIN, Yoins has a membership programme that offers 10% off the price of clothing during promotions, a loyalty programme where you can get discounts with points for actions on the site, a blogging programme, student discounts, etc. Yoins has a free return policy. Yoins offers free returns.

  8. Joom

    Joom is a large marketplace for Chinese products, so you can find both men's and women's clothes that are not fashionable. The delivery time is about 3 weeks and you can pay via Paypal or Visa and Mastercard. Their designs are affordable and have a modern design.

  9. LightintheBOX

    LightintheBOX is also a China-based marketplace, founded in 2006, where you can find and buy all kinds of items such as men's and women's clothing, children's and baby clothing and accessories at low prices. The company's international shipping is handled by a different seller for each product, and shipping costs are shown on each product sold.

  10. Rosegal

    Another clothing website like SHEINis Rosegal online shop, a Chinese shop that offers international shipping. They sell vintage style clothing and oversized clothing. They also offer menswear and loungewear.

    Rosegal gives you $10 off your first purchase at the shop. You earn points every day, making it a store like SHEIN. All Rosegal orders over $59 will be free.

At these clothing sites like SHEINyou'll find SHEIN-like clothes to update your wardrobe or give gifts to friends and family. You're sure to have already found the perfect alternative to SHEIN!