It is better SHEIN or Zaful, where to buy? Comparative [2023]

If you don't know whether to buy from SHEIN or Zaful, it's time for you to know the differences between these two low-price online fashion stores so you can make your decision.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
shein zaful which is better

Both SHEIN and Zaful are low-priced online clothing stores of Chinese origin that fall within the sphere of clothing stores where users from all over the world currently buy the most.

If you want make your purchase at Zaful or SHEIN but you don't know whether to buy at one or the other, in this article I compare the different most important and essential aspects of these two brands.

¿SHEIN vs Zaful are the same

SHEIN and Zaful are not the same. SHEIN owns its brand and its factory and also sells and manufactures other brands such as Romwe, Emery Rose or Dazy that it does not own.

However, SHEIN and Zaful have very similar clothes with the same trends and sizes very similar but different.

Variety and quantity of products SHEIN vs Zaful

The quantity of clothes in colors and models of SHEIN is very wide due to so you have more chances of finding clothes you like, hence its success. While Zaful is a somewhat smaller brand and has a variety but it would be equivalent to 30% of the variety that SHEIN has of clothing.

Zaful has its own clothing brand, while SHEIN has its own brand of clothing and also sells others such as Romwe, Emery Rose, Dazy or Moft.

On the other hand, we find that Zaful has a variety of clothing for women and men, but not for children, pets or household clothing and various accessories different from those of fashion, as is the case with SHEIN.

Platform and security SHEIN vs Zaful

Both platforms, both SHEIN and Zaful , they are really easy to use and very similar in design. Both brands have a mobile APP that you can download to make your purchases easily.

However, Zaful's platform is faster due to the smaller number of people in the world buying compared to SHEIN and this it gives you an advantage as SHEIN sometimes hangs and it can be difficult to use the store.

shein vs zaful

Search engine in SHEIN vs Zaful

When we make purchases in online stores it is very necessary to know how web search engines work and if they are efficient. I personally think that currently the search engines and product filtering options on the websites leave a lot to be desired and are not quite as efficient as we would like them to be.

The SHEIN search engine returns quite a few results and you do a search even though you don't It gives you all the garments that correspond to that search, perhaps due to some classification error.

While the Zaful search engine does return more results than SHEIN when we search for a specific item of clothing, what it does easier to buy.

The filtering of garments in the case of SHEIN, that is, the options that we have on the side to be able to filter by colors, or sizes, categories, sleeve length and others, you will see that at SHEIN you have more options than at Zaful.

Sizing & Style SHEIN vs Zaful

Sizing at Zaful tend to run small, but these Small sizes also exist at SHEIN. The difference between SHEIN and Zaful is that although both have oriental sizing, that is, smaller, SHEIN has a greater variety of clothing, including some brands such as Emery Rose that fit more around Western measurements.

Furthermore, the fact that there is a greater variety of clothes in SHEIN allows us to find clothes in our size for people who are not neither curvi nor petite, that is to say, we are in a medium size range but our sizing is not similar to that of oriental women.

Zaful does have large sizes in its repertoire Same as SHEIN, but does not include a tall section for tall women, or a petite section for smaller women.

Both websites have the measurements for each size included. In this sense, it seems to me that Chinese stores do it really well since in Western online stores you have to imagine what dimensions each size is equivalent to because the stores do not have the same pattern.

Quality SHEIN vs Zaful

The quality of SHEIN and Zaful is similar. These are brands of Chinese origin that have an intermediate quality. This means that if you want your clothes to be very durable, then you should not buy from either SHEIN or Zaful.

But although both qualities are similar, not all garments have such quality, for this it is necessary to look the opinions of each product and the photographs that users put of them.

In the case of Zaful, it does not have opinions while SHEIN does. A very important key to encourage sales by customers and to get an idea of ​​how the garments look beyond the photographs of the models that the items have.

Prices SHEIN vs Zaful

The prices at Zaful are a bit higher than at SHEIN. It is also true that we can find some clothes that have exactly the same price, so we can buy in both stores without problems.

In both websites we will almost always have the security of having a coupon available for 15% off discount that the two platforms are progressively changing, altering their offers.

Shipping and returns SHEIN vs Zaful

Shipping is what interests us the most, Both online stores are of Chinese origin, so they ship internationally to almost every point on the planet.

SHEIN has achieved a fame that has filled it with customers and this has allowed it to lower its shipping costs. SHEIN's shipping costs are around 5 dollars maximum while Zaful has a minimum shipping cost of 6 dollars when buying an order of 39 dollars and they can go up to 11 dollars of shipping cost.

As for the free shipping costs at SHEIN, we can find them with an order starting at 29 dollars, while at Zaful we must spend around 49 dollars.

Returns at SHEIN can be made up to 45 days after purchase, while Zaful returns can be made up to 30 days after purchase. At Zaful they reimburse you for the return shipping costs while at SHEIN the first return of an order is free.

If you want to learn more about other online stores similar to Zaful or SHEIN, you are in the right place. Continue reading the other blog articles to learn more.