SHEIN Review: My 1 Year Shopping Experience at SHEIN [2023]

If you are wondering if there are solid foundations under the SHEIN phenomenon that ensure that buying in this online store of Chinese origin is really what the fans of the brand assure you, I will tell you about my personal experience in this article.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
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After almost a year shopping at SHEIN, I can tell you about my experience. The reason I buy from SHEIN is the same reason everyone else buys: price, design and variety.

Opinions about SHEIN sizes

It is true that if it were not for SHEIN, many people would not be able to dress in the sense that currently there are no stores that sell large sizes over 44, or small sizes, or even garments that are not croptops as they currently are they sell in many fashion stores. This is what really justifies shopping at SHEIN.

The measurements for each size are indicated on the garment and really coincide, except for the elastic sizes that may be more or less elastic than we think they will be.

Opinions about the quality of SHEIN

The quality of SHEIN's clothes is comparable to any of the other current stores, since I have been able to see how SHEIN has clothes with loose threads and in the same way an Inditex store is the same.

It could only be noted that white garments in the case of SHEIN tend to be translucent, something that does not happen in stores that are not of Chinese origin because they are thicker garments, but then they reduce the amount of fabric they use, reducing sizes, to obtain this added benefit that SHEIN obtains for making finer garments.

Opinions about mistakes when shopping at SHEIN

I also have to talk about making mistakes in everything you buy. SHEIN has the added value with respect to the entire market that, as a Chinese store, it indicates the measurements of each size, something that Western stores do not do.

In the case of SHEIN it is more difficult for you to make a mistake with the sizes, but you have to be more careful with elastic garments because they can stretch or not.

This also happens with garments from stores that are not SHEIN, in which we do not see the measurements per item of clothing and we have general size guides, so it is even easier to make mistakes.

SHEIN price review

In terms of prices, it should be mentioned that in recent years prices have become more expensive. A few years ago we could buy much cheaper. But as happens in the rest of the stores, SHEIN obtains less and less profit margin and therefore increases the price of its products.

Even so, as all the stores have raised their prices there is nothing cheaper to buy than SHEIN with the same quality and Primark prices would be on par with SHEIN, although with a fashion more basic or the prices of items sold on second-hand apps like Vinted or Poshmark.

What is the best thing you can buy at SHEIN

When it comes to buying online, it is almost always quite difficult for us not to make mistakes in the sizes. If you want to make good purchases at SHEIN you have to shop in specific sections.

In general, the best purchases you can make at SHEIN are: accessories such as earrings, necklaces, scarves, backpacks and handbags, beauty and makeup accessories, as well as things for the home and electronic or sports gadgets since none of these items have a size.

In the same way, if you buy inside or outside the sections indicated above, you must make sure that you have seen one or several photos in product descriptions to know what quality it has.

Opinions on SHEIN contamination

Currently SHEIN is one of the most polluting in the fashion sector, and it is hard for buyers to know what is happening.

The fact that SHEIN is the current store where many people can buy because they have low purchasing power and the fact that only in them there are clothing sizes or models that cover, is what makes us buy despite knowing that they pollute because SHEIN is one of the factories that pollutes the most of all the fashion stores, although other well-known ones also pollute but to a lesser extent.

Opinions about SHEIN shipments and returns

SHEIN shipments in many cases can be made for free and take around 15 days. In the same way we can get free and easy returns.

I've never had any problems, so it's advisable to send returns at SHEIN if you're a person who doesn't want to have problems managing your purchases.

However, you should know that most items are on sale and sale items cannot be returned.

Conclusion on SHEIN Opinions

Shopping at SHEIN is a good idea if you want clothes that are cheap, trendy and sized for today's women's and men's.

The most recommended for successful purchases is to buy items without size, that is, what is not fashion.

If you buy fashion you should look very carefully at the opinions, the photographs of the opinions, the measurements of the garment and the elasticity of the material of the garment.

You must bear in mind that SHEIN is currently one of the most polluting companies, but those in the West also pollute but to a lesser extent.

Also, you shouldn't buy sale items if you're going to want the option to return them later.