Why is SHEIN not working and How can I solve that?

Is the SHEIN website not working for you? Do you have errors or problems that make it difficult for you to buy in the online store? So you have to know all these factors that intervene in the use of the SHEIN website and will affect its operation.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
shein not working

If you are wondering why shein app is not working, you should know that it is very common for the SHEIN website not to work. But this also happens with many online stores, but with SHEIN it happens much more often than we might expect.

These SHEIN errors are especially due to the fact that its large size creates problems. The number of numerous pages that SHEIN has with an infinite number of products causes a lack of control in the website system.

At the same time, all these pages are visited by many people from all over the world. They are not just simultaneous people from all over the world, but people who visit the online store from the same country as you.

Since each SHEIN website, corresponding to each country, is hosted on a different server, this would prevent system overload problems. But equally, there are many people who visit the website from the same country and this makes it sometimes impossible for the server to satisfy itself by displaying the website correctly to all these users.

However, there are many problems that can happen to you when you use the SHEIN website, which can mean that SHEIN is not working, but there are also other possible causes:

Why isn't the SHEIN checkout working?

The online purchasing process is essential, but problems at checkout can be frustrating. When shopping at SHEIN, difficulties may arise. Here are some common reasons for checkout problems:

If you have problems with the return label at SHEIN, verify that you have followed the process correctly and that the information entered is correct. Make sure the website is working properly and that your order complies with the return policy. If problems persist, contact SHEIN customer service for help. The return label is crucial for a hassle-free return process and getting a refund or replacement.

Why doesn't SHEIN update the tracking number of my order?

If your order tracking number on SHEIN is not updated, here are the possible reasons:

Order Processing: There may be a delay in updating due to SHEIN's internal processing.

Transportation Delay: Shipping services may experience delays in updating tracking information. Wait a few days before worrying.

Incorrect Information: Verify that you have entered the correct tracking number without typos.

Contact SHEIN: If several days have passed without updates, please contact SHEIN customer service for updated information about your order. Delays in updates are common in online shipping.

Why isn't the link to a SHEIN Wishlist working?

To solve problems with the link to a Wishlist on SHEIN, consider the following:

  • Connection Issues: Make sure you have a stable Internet connection, as connectivity issues may affect the loading of the wishlist.

  • Offline Account: Verify that you are logged into your SHEIN account, as offline, you will not be able to access your wish list.

  • Browser Cache: Try clearing your browser's cache, as information stored in the cache may cause problems loading the wishlist.

  • SHEIN Website Issues: If the SHEIN website is experiencing technical issues, please wait a while and try again later.

  • Incompatible Browser: Make sure you use an updated browser compatible with the SHEIN platform.

If you continue to have problems, please contact SHEIN customer service for additional assistance, as wish lists are a useful tool to organize your purchases on the platform.

Why doesn't my phone number work when I add it to my customer profile on SHEIN?

To solve the problem of adding a phone number to your customer profile on SHEIN, consider the following:

  • Incorrect Format: Make sure you enter the phone number in the correct format, including the country code (for example, +1 for United States).

  • Number Already in Use: If the number is already registered in another SHEIN account, you will not be able to add it to a second account.

  • Incorrect Verification: Verify your number through a verification code and make sure you enter the code correctly.

  • Telephone Service Problems: Problems with your telephone provider may affect verification. Make sure you have a strong, functional signal on your device.

  • Contact SHEIN: If you continue to have problems, please contact SHEIN customer service for additional assistance.

Why doesn't Klarna, Clearpay or Afterpay work when I want to pay in SHEIN in installments?

If you are facing difficulties using installment payment services such as Klarna, Clearpay or Afterpay on SHEIN, consider these possible reasons and solutions. Check eligibility, make sure you provide accurate payment information, check credit limits, and be aware of technical issues. If problems persist, contact customer service for these services. It is important to understand their policies and requirements to successfully use them on SHEIN.

Why can't I access SHEIN?

Accessing your SHEIN account is essential for purchases and profile management. If you are facing problems, consider possible causes and solutions such as incorrect passwords, unstable internet connection, locked accounts, password reset, website technical issues, supported browsers, and temporary server issues. The security of your credentials is crucial to protect your SHEIN account.

Why doesn't my VISA payment card work on SHEIN?

When your VISA card does not work at SHEIN, consider several possible causes and solutions. Verify your card information, such as number, expiration date and CVV. Make sure you haven't reached your credit limit and check to see if your issuing bank blocks online transactions. Maintain a stable internet connection, enable 3D Secure verification if necessary, and make sure your card has not expired. If you buy in a different country, check if international transactions are enabled. If issues persist, please contact SHEIN customer service for additional assistance and review specific issues with your account or card. Security and updating of payment information are essential when purchasing online.

Why can't I log in to SHEIN?

To log in to SHEIN and troubleshoot access issues, check if your password is correct, reset your password if you forgot it, make sure you have a stable internet connection, contact SHEIN if your account is locked, use a supported browser , and be patient in case of technical problems on the website or server. The security of your username and password is crucial to protect your SHEIN account.

Why doesn't Paypal work on SHEIN?

Using PayPal on SHEIN may encounter obstacles. Make sure you link your PayPal account on SHEIN and verify it. Also, check if you have sufficient balance or an associated backup card. A stable Internet connection is crucial to avoid PayPal connection problems. Some regions may have geographic restrictions, so make sure both services are supported in your location. Please check if your PayPal account has restrictions and if issues persist, contact SHEIN customer service for further assistance.