How Express Shipping works at SHEIN and how to get it Free [2023]

Do you want your SHEIN order to arrive at your door three times faster than usual to enjoy everything you have bought? It's time for you to find out how you can get Express Shipping from SHEIN.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
shein express shipping

When it comes to placing an order online we always want it to arrive as soon as possible at our home, however, even some online stores in our own country do not tend to be very fast in shipping.

This is not the case with SHEIN, which offers us really fast shipments, as is the case with express delivery, about which I am going to tell you all the details today.

What is SHEIN express delivery

The SHEIN express delivery is a type of delivery that shortens the delivery time of orders at home compared to standard delivery, which is the normal delivery type by which all SHEIN orders are sent. SHEIN.

Normally SHEIN standard shipping takes between 7 and 20 days, however express shipping cuts shipping time in half.

SHEIN Express Shipping vs SHEIN Standard Shipping

SHEIN express shipping is faster than standard shipping, however what most new SHEIN customers don't know is that standard shipping orders usually arrive approximately 3 days before the stipulated delivery date.

This means that SHEIN orders with standard shipping are usually early and not late.

That is why most people never choose express shipping in their order and decide to wait for the standard shipping order to arrive and here the importance of ordering as soon as possible also because the items tend to sell out fast .

SHEIN express delivery taxes and customs

Taxes and customs are something that we must pay attention to if we are going to buy. Before you have any doubts about whether your SHEIN order can be stopped at customs for having an express delivery or if you will have to pay more taxes, you should know that with an express delivery there are the same taxes as with a standard delivery and that it also has the same chances of being stopped in customs as a standard shipping order.

This way there is no danger in using SHEIN express delivery when placing your order. But you can find out all the details regarding taxes and customs on any SHEIN shipment reading here how SHEIN customs work.

How to get SHEIN express shipping

If you want your shipment to have free express shipping at SHEIN you should know that there are some days a week when SHEIN offers free shipping.

However, it is not possible to get the free SHEIN express shipping since the free shipping offered by SHEIN is the standard shipping for which you will have to wait between 7 and 15 working days to have your order at home.

But if you're interested in free SHEIN express shipping then you'll have to settle for standard shipping in whatever country you're shopping in.

Free shipping is on Sunday and Tuesday for a minimum of 9.99 or 19.99 euros. Normally SHEIN usually warns but on many occasions not, so you should try to see if the shipping is free.

Cost of SHEIN Express Shipping in my country

SHEIN's express shipping costs are around 20 to 40 euros, so it really is a very expensive shipment to receive the order just a few sooner than with standard shipping.

There are also countries where SHEIN Express Shipping does not exist because standard shipping is already fast enough. As a general rule, express shipping does not usually exist, but you should consult it in the shipping specifications in your country on the SHEIN website.

Finally, I recommend you select standard shipping on SHEIN and place your order as soon as possible to receive your order sooner.