Can you pay cash on delivery at SHEIN? How to do it [2023]

If you want to pay for your SHEIN purchase when your order arrives, in this article I explain how the SHEIN cash on delivery payment works.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
shein cash on delivery

Currently there are many online stores that offer cash on delivery, in the case of SHEIN if you want to pay cash on delivery you must know all the details before making this type of payment.

What does it mean to pay cash on delivery at SHEIN?

Paying cash on delivery at SHEIN means that you can buy for free without paying any money at the time of online payment, and when the order arrives you will pay it to the courier before it can be delivered to you.

It is a very successful payment method that was very successful a few years ago but is currently not a widely used but very popular method among customers.

Advantages of paying cash on delivery at SHEIN

The advantages of paying cash on delivery at SHEIN are many and you should take them into account if you decide to use this option:

  • You can use your money for other expenses.

  • Greater comfort and liquidity in the present moment.

  • Avoid online payments and fraud.

  • Streamline the online purchasing process.

  • Close and traditional payment.

Can you pay cash on delivery at SHEIN?

Currently SHEIN does not allow its customers to pay cash on delivery. But it does allow its customers to use other payment methods such as payment in installments that replace cash on delivery. There are also other alternatives to this type of payment that you can read below.

Why you can't pay cash on delivery at SHEIN

The fact that online stores no longer allow cash on delivery is because it is a security measure for customers to pay for orders and thus not lose money from sales because customers ended up not paying your orders.

In this way, if customers did not pay for the order, SHEIN had to pay the shipping back to the warehouse and the logistics costs to replenish each product back in stock.

What SHEIN tries to do is not to encourage customers to make fraudulent orders and not to pick up their orders. However, this is also good for customers who won't waste their time making orders they don't want.

What to do if I want to pay cash on delivery at SHEINand I can't?

The fact that SHEIN does not allow you to pay cash on delivery does not mean that you cannot delay your payment of your order in some way. Therefore, these SHEIN cash on delivery alternatives will help you:

  • Pay in installments: SHEIN allows you to pay for your order in a maximum of 3 installments. This means that you will not pay when you make your purchase and that a percentage of your purchase will be deducted from your bank account each month.

  • Make joint purchases: you can ask someone from your family or friends who are going to make an order in SHEIN to buy what you need and you will pay them when it arrives.

  • SHEIN sellers: if you are from Latin America, there are people who place orders with SHEIN and then deliver the clothes to you as if you were buying from a catalog and you will have to pay them. All you have to do is find a seller, which is usually found on Facebook or Instagram, and ask them for what you want.

  • Buy in other stores: unfortunately not many fashion stores offer cash on delivery. Some that offer it where you can buy clothes online are Zalando, Pimkie, Berskha or El Corte Inglés.

  • Save up front: You can save up for a while so you can order larger SHEIN orders where you save a lot more money and make your purchase less of a hassle.

  • Take advantage of great discounts: Using points, coupons, gift cards, flash sales, timeless purchases and other SHEIN promotions at the same time will help you get a great discount and the price of your order will be smaller.

If you still want to know more secrets about SHEIN, I recommend you continue reading many of the articles that you can discover below.

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