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How shipping works in Romwe, how much are the shipping costs? [2022]

Get all the information explained about Romwe shipping in this article, including information on how the Romwe shipping process works and how much shipping will cost you. You'll also find out how long it takes for a package to be delivered and everything you need to know about Romwe shipping.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

Online stores have the characteristic that each one of them has different shipping conditions that we must know if we want not to despair or get angry when we are waiting for an order to arrive at our house.

Romwe offers everything you need to create a fabulous wardrobe. They are one of the world's leading online fashion stores and have a robust collection of men's and women's clothing, shoes and accessories. It started as a blog and has now grown to become one of the leading fashion retailers in China. In 2013, Romwe raised $1 million in seed funding from investors. It has more than 30 million registered users and more than 10 million active users per month.

The fact that this store is of Chinese origin brings benefits but also disadvantages. Its benefit of low cost prices faces its disadvantage of waiting time in the shipment.

Still, Romwe shipments are quite easy to understand and in this article I want to explain all the details about the times shipping rates, shipping costs, free shipping, and other interesting details you should know about it.

If you've shopped at SHEIN before, you'll realize that shipping at Romwe is really similar and you will not have difficulty understanding them.

Where Romwe ships

Romwe ships Internationally to 95% of the countries in the world. But you should know that Romwe has a website for each country. That is why if, for example, you speak Spanish, you should not be confused with the Spanish website if you are in Latin America or vice versa. The same for the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, for example.

Because if you make a mistake the order will not be able to arrive at your house, and the number of people who tend to get confused is really large, especially if they are placing their first orders in these stores.

To verify that you are on the Romwe website for your country, go to the bottom of the website and you will see an indicator of the country you are in and you will be able to change it. You can do the same in your Romwe app settings, where when you download it it lets you choose your country and when you login you can change the country and currency.

Romwe delivery time

The delivery time in Romwe will depend a lot on the country where you are. But for all countries you must accept that when placing your order you must wait between 3 and 7 days for them to process your order and give it to the shipping company. This time will be added to the shipping time of your order.

As a general rule, a Romwe order can take to ship and without counting the processing time between 10 and 20 days. However, even if there is an exact delivery date for your country, it will always vary depending on how requested the shipping company is or the circumstances of the date.

What shipping company does Romwe have

Romwe, being a company of Chinese origin, has treaties with the official postal companies of each country. However, the official postal companies of each country will not always be the ones that deliver your order. If not, due to the high number of orders, these state companies refer their orders to other companies that will make the final journey until they deliver it to your home.

However, when you place your order you will be able to see the name of the company that will deliver your order, an estimated delivery date and tracking the status of your order that you can verify by entering the tracking number provided by Romwe on the shipping website of the company that they have indicated.

Romwe Shipping Costs

Romwe shipping costs will depend on the country you are in, but the shipping costs will depend on the type of shipping you choose. The types of shipping are economic, standard and express. Not all countries have all types of shipping.

Express shipping is faster and more expensive than standard shipping, standard shipping is faster and more expensive than economy shipping. Therefore, if you want to pay less shipping costs, select the economy shipping, although it may take approximately one more week for your order to arrive.

Get free shipping in Romwe

If you want to get free shipping at Romwe it is as easy as when you place an order in the online store you must always reach the minimum order price.

The price of The minimum order also depends on your country and can range between 49 and 120 dollars.

If you want to know how Romwe returns work in this article here will explain it to you. You can also learn about other stores of Chinese origin such as SHEIN or AllyLikes, I invite you to continue reading my blog where I give you all the keys to these online stores and many others.

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