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How returns work in Romwe and get the refund [2022]

If you want to return your Romwe order because you don't like it and it's damaged on this item, then follow these simple steps to learn how to make a return and request a refund to get your money back.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

Returns from online stores usually cause quite a few problems in the long run. When we start buying in an online store we don't know if we will have problems returning an order and sometimes its return policy makes us want to buy in that store.

Surely if you want to buy in an online store what What interests you most are the free returns, because let's be honest, who can get 100% correct with a size just by looking at some photographs?

That is why an online store allows returns makes us customers have more confidence when buying. In this article I explain everything you need to know about Romwe returns, that being a Chinese store, making returns can make us uncomfortable due to the long distances that the order must travel to reach the central warehouse, to be validated and the subsequent days needed to get the money back.

What can I return at Romwe

In all stores there are products that cannot be returned. Many due to special conditions and others because they are items that, due to their use, are not considered capable of being returned due to people's health.

Those products with special conditions that Romwe does not allow to be returned are those products of final sales, that is, with great discounts, and those gifts that Romwe can give us.

On the other hand, the items that cannot be returned for health reasons are bodys, underwear, hand clothes, jewelry and other accessories such as blankets, scarves and handbags.

Shipping cost for Romwe returns

Unfortunately, Romwe returns do have shipping costs, and they only vary in that you can choose the company you want to process your return and, in general, their prices can vary from more to less their cost.

But luckily you don't have to pay the shipping costs when sending the package for its return in Romwe, if not when they make the refund they will discount the price of the return shipping.

You can also make your free shipping by choosing the shipping company yourself and taking charge of the shipping costs and the security of the order.

Romwe return period

To ensure that you do not keep a product that you no longer want, it is important that you carefully consult Romwe's return policy before making any purchase and for this the most important thing is the return period.

When you place an order for items in Romwe, there is a default period of time in which you can return pr oducts. At Romwe the return period is quite long and items must be returned within 60 days of purchase.

Therefore, you need to check the date you placed an order at Romwe and not the date from which the order arrived at your home in order to ensure that you are within the return period.

How to make a return on Romwe

Start by logging into your Romwe account Romwe and looking for the order you want to return in "My orders", click on "Make a return" and select the items you want to return. Indicate the items you want to return and the reasons for the return. Select the shipping option and click on "Return and refund".

When you have done these steps, you will receive the return shipping label that you must print on top of your original well-closed package and take it to the office of the shipping company you have selected.

You should always notify Romwe that you are going to make a return, because if you make a return without informing them they will identify your item when it arrives as non-refundable, so you will be left without product and without money.

Also, you should know that the address on the shipping label of the order when it arrives at your house is not the address where you must send the order back to get your refund.

Finally, your order will be refunded within 10 days after the package has arrived at their warehouses. The money is refunded to your Romwe balance unless you specify that you want the refund to your payment account. You can use this balance in future Romwe purchases.

Changes in Romwe

In Romwe there are no changes, that is, you cannot ask for another product in the return process in exchange instead of the money.

However, you can choose to buy the product you like while making the return, since this is almost like an exchange, except that you will have to spend money again and wait to the refund that can take time.

Alternatives to Romwe returns

If you finally cannot make your return in Romwe you should know that there is always an alternative to all the bad endings.

You can always sell your clothes on second-hand fashion sales apps, or maybe sell them to someone close to you who might like them, on the other hand, you can also choose to fix them yourself to reform the garment and get a new result , or finally you can donate it or give it away.

To learn more about Romwe or any other online fashion store you can continue reading the articles you will find on the blog.

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