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Opinions about Romwe is it a reliable fashion store? [2022]

About to buy on Romwe but you don't trust to hit the buy button? Increase your confidence in Romwe with this collection of opinions that users have about the Chinese fashion store Romwe.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

When we buy in fashion stores we are very concerned about the quality of the garments. Especially when we buy for the first time because we really don't know what we can expect from the clothes and we don't want an order to arrive at home with clothes that don't really look like they are of average quality.

In the case of Romwe, surely you are concerned about the quality of the clothing due to its Chinese manufacturing origin, which has a reputation for not having very good finishes, but surely you are also interested in knowing if Romwe is reliable, if the orders take a long time to arrive among other issues, and the Opinions of Romwe of other users.

It is the fact that it is a Chinese fashion store and its product is so cheap and we see that its headquarters are so far from our country that really makes us very tense when deciding whether to buy in this store.

In this article I will go through the most important keys to the reliability of the Romwe store and a summary of the positive and negative points of the people who have ordered from Romwe and have expressed their opinion after their purchase in different opinion web portals.

Opinions about Romwe

All the users we can find on the Internet basically express a similar opinion about the good aspects of Romwe and the bad ones. In this list I break down one by one the most important keys about Romwe:

  • Romwe Opinions on VAT and Customs

    The great thing about Romwe is that it has been updated for European countries and they are the ones who collect the VAT tax on the products they sell, which frees Europeans from having to declare VAT themselves.

    When it comes to customs, no one is spared, and when buying on Romwe you have the same risk as on other websites when buying that your order will be retained in customs since it is something totally random.

  • Romwe opinions on submissions

    Romwe users say that they are generally happy with the shipments. There are many people who have bought repeatedly and have always received their shipment on time and correctly. But also some people indicate that the order has not arrived and others that the tracking of the order did not work and had stopped, although the fact that the tracking is not updated is something that happens with many other platforms such as SHEIN and the order always arrives .

    If your order does not arrive at your home and more than 20 days have passed, you can contact Romwe's customer service. I explain the ways that exist to contact Romwe in this article here.

  • Romwe opinions on returns

    Returns from Romwe are feasible and can be done easily but we find that the period of arrival of the package to Romwe and the refund of the money can take quite a long time because the warehouse is usually quite far from the countries where the users they buy.

    On the other hand, unlike other stores, Romwe also charges the return and this return is deducted from the price of the order you have returned, so there is no such advantage.

  • Romwe opinions on the quality of clothing

    The quality of Romwe's clothing is equal to the quality of the clothing that we can find in traditional stores such as Zara, Berskha or other youth clothing stores. In the thousands of reviews of Romwe clothing on YouTube you can see that this quality is real. But it is always important to review the quality of the products prior to purchase in the opinions that users give of the product just below the garment on the Romwe website.

  • Romwe opinions on the variety of clothing

    The variety of clothing and styles at Romwe, unlike other fashion stores, is characterized by a greater amount of youthful clothing and fresh styles represented by crop-top and small-size clothing that make the store more of a part of its own to buy at undersized teens.

    Undoubtedly this is a negative point for Romwe because it limits its audience, and it is likely that in your case, as in mine, there is no size for you in Romwe. However, you can always know if the size will fit you or not because Romwe indicates the measurements for each size and that is a very big plus point for this online fashion store.

  • Romwe opinions on the usability of the web

    All users think that the website is very easy to use and that we can easily put it in the language we want and in the currency we want through the top menu.

    It is a very simple website with which buying is easy and comfortable and it is visually pleasant and easy to navigate.

Is Romwe reliable?

Romwe is a reliable online store where buying does not involve almost any legal problem, this is reflected above all in the fact that the VAT tax payment is already included, so we will not have to do anything when the order arrives at our house.

There is only danger that the order will be retained in customs, but it is a danger similar to the rest of the web where we buy that come from outside our country, so in this sense we should not be afraid, since the fact whether they stop or not our request is really random.

The platform is secure and has SSL encryption so your data will travel safely when making your payment. However, as on any website, I recommend paying through a Shopping Card, which is a virtual card that does not physically exist and is offered by some banks. We can recharge this card by spending money from our bank accounts and if the card will remain public there would be no problem because this card must always be empty except when we go to make a purchase, at which time we would recharge it.

The quality of the clothes is really good quality for the money we pay on the order. It closely resembles the quality of SHEIN. The garments are really beautiful and can pass for higher quality garments.

I recommend for greater security, to be attentive to the tracking of the orders and not to get tense if the tracking freezes and does not progress. After twenty days, contact them and they will refund your money or give you a solution.

Refunds on Romwe are a bit laborious and it is not recommended to do refunds in the sense that it is time consuming and very boring. Although Romwe returns are simple, and you can learn how they are done by reading this article from here.

Before buying from Romwe it is highly recommended that you know how Romwe sizes work if you don't want to make a mistake and have to make an expensive return in the end.

But you can also learn more about other online stores and how to buy cheaply and low cost in the articles of this blog that I hope will help you a lot.

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