Chic Me reviews: is it reliable to buy cheap clothes? (2023)

If Chic Me seems to you an attractive option to buy clothes online, you need to know what people think about Chic Me to ensure a reliable purchase to renew your fashion wardrobe.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
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If you're discovering Chic Me for the first time, you may be wary of buying in-store. There are many illuminated signs with infinite discounts on a multitude of different clothes. Each one attracts you with its own style, but is all that glitters gold? Should you trust Chic Me? What opinions do Chic Me customers have?

In this article we analyze even the smallest corner of the Chic Me website and you will be sure to buy or not in this clothing store.

What is Chic Me

Chic Me is a cheap fashion store of Chinese origin from the Ivrose group, which is also a Chinese online store where we can buy through the mobile web.

It seeks to offer fashion at low prices, but fashion with a daring, sophisticated and different style. In its online store we can find clothes such as dresses, pants, skirts, t-shirts, tops, blouses, sweaters, pants, shorts, lingerie, shoes, sportswear and beachwear. We can also find all the clothing adapted for large sizes.

Opinions about Chic Me

Before buying at Chic Me you have to take into account different factors that make buying at this store an advantage or a disadvantage:

Chic Me Size Opinions

Chic Me's sizing is really good and it's something all customers say they like. We can find from an XS to a 5 XL in the large sizes section.

Chic Me can dress all body types and it is always possible to find garments for all types of people.

Opinions on Chic Me Shipping and Returns

Chic Me's shipments by customers are not valued so positively, since each order takes a minimum of approximately 25 to 30 days to arrive. In addition, the shipping costs are quite expensive, and to reach the free shipping costs we have to reach 50 euros.

The positive feature of Chic Me is that it has a shipping insurance with which it will refund your money or your order if the order you have made is lost.

Chic Me's shipments are for a period of 14 days but the customer must always pay the shipping costs, which is why many people end up not returning any purchase since the shipments to China are expensive.

Chic Me's Taxes and Customs Opinions

Your Chic Me order may have customs duties that the customer will pay, but this only depends on whether or not the order is stopped at customs upon entering your country, but this is something that does not usually happen.

Regarding the VAT applicable to customers in the European Union, Chic Me does not clarify whether their items include VAT, but in their policies we see a text that comments:

"Due to separate and applicable tax jurisdictions, the end customers' purchases may be subject to specific sales, custom or VAT, and the shipping time and associated cost may increase."

Which explains that the price can rise due to the regulations of each country, so the VAT will be paid by the client upon arrival in the country. Remember that if you are from the European Union, you can manage VAT payment through the Correos website or pay the shipping company to pay it for you.

This is totally a disadvantage for Chic Me, something that customers do not see positively in this online store.

Opinions on Chic Me's quality, prices, discounts and points

The Chic Me prices are not the cheapest and in general they seem more expensive compared to the quality of the garments. However, you can apply discount coupons that are offered on the same website and discount points but they do not achieve such a significant discount.

This is what customers do not like at the time of purchase because it is not a great quality compared to the price involved in making a purchase compared to other online fashion stores.

Advantages of Chic Me

If at this point you're still wondering why buy at Chic Me Some of the most notable features of the Chic Me online store by which you will differentiate it from other fashion stores and why it is worth buying in them are the following:

  • Special clothes and different from those sold in the nearest stores.

  • Prices sometimes lower than in other stores.

  • Possibility of using discount coupons and points to reduce your orders.

  • Variety of different and special clothes.

  • Average quality of clothing versus price of garments.

  • Easy use of the web and security of the platform.

Chic Me Disadvantages

Even the online store with the best shopping experience in the world we can find disadvantages that even for each person can be different because the fashion of that store does not stick to their personal tastes.

If you don't like average quality clothes then it is better that you opt for other more traditional fashion stores such as those of the Inditex Group or others such as Mango, Asos or Zalando.

The prices are not as cheap as we could wish and this is not positive along with the fact that the shipping costs are high as well as the delivery time. These are the biggest points against that you will find when buying at Chic Me.


It is really interesting what the Chic Me fashion store can offer us when making an online purchase, but if we compare it with the SHEIN store, which is better SHEIN or Chic Me ?

As you will see, both stores are low-cost clothing stores with great discounts applied in percentages, coupons and points program. Both stores have international shipping.

However, SHEIN clothes are noticeably cheaper than Chic me clothes, and we also found that Chic Me's shipping costs are more expensive than SHEIN's. SHEIN's superiority is not surprising since it is the dominant company in the sector.

As for the shipping time for both Chic Me and SHEIN, it is the same and is approximately 15 days, which may be less or more depending on the time the shipment is being made.

Another key point that makes Chic Me equal to SHEIN is that both stores sell large sizes, but in Chic Me we will only find women's clothing in standard and large sizes and we will not find men's, children's, baby, animal or clothing of the home.

Each Chic me garment has measurements for each size and customer opinions, as with SHEIN, the variety of both stores can never be compared since SHEIN always has more variety of clothing than any online store for its size .

The quality is very similar for SHEIN and Chic Me, and when the clothes are of oriental origin, the quality is always the same, that is, average quality, with seams neither very well done nor very poorly done, and normally woven. synthetic polyester.

Finally, it can be concluded that the big difference between SHEIN and Chic Me is a price range of around 5 to 7 euros extra for each Chic Me garment.

Is it worth buying at Chic Me?

Buying at Chic Me is only worth it if you are willing to carefully analyze each item of clothing and the opinions of the people that come under the details of each item of clothing.

Normally, clothing of Chinese origin is never what it appears in the official images of the product or at least most of the time and requires great concentration to be able to determine what is and what is not a good thing to buy.

On the other hand, if you want to buy cheap, you should also pay attention to collecting points and discount coupons and finding the cheapest clothes.

If you have the time available then you can shop at Chic Me successfully.

Alternatives to Chic Me

Since Chic Me is an oriental website, there are many other similar stores where you can buy that you will really like and will be worth as an alternative in case you do not want to make your purchase at Chic Me. Among these stores you can find:

  • Cider.

  • Sinsay.

  • Mango Outlet.

  • SHEIN.

  • Aliexpress.

  • Allylikes.

  • Zaful.

  • Romwe.

  • Rosegal.

  • Dressinn.

If you still want to know other fashion stores similar to Chic Me where you can also buy cheap clothes, then you need to continue reading the articles of this blog.