How to reduce shipping costs in Vinted what happens if the package weighs more? [2023]

Learn how you can minimize the shipping cost of your order in Vinted to save as a seller and have a greater profit of money.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
reduce shipping costs vinted

When it comes to selling at Vinted we know that customers always ask us to lower their shipping costs so that they pay less. That is why it is so important to get a cheap shipping cost so that we can sell even more.

In this article I tell you how to reduce shipping costs in Vinted and what to do if the package weighs more .

How to reduce shipping costs in Vinted

To reduce shipping costs in Vinted you have to reduce the weight of the package, you just have to edit the ad for which you want to reduce shipping costs and choose the smallest shipping package so your shipping costs will be reduced .

Remember that you must do this before the customer buys the product. If he asks you later, you can always ask him to cancel the order and then you can change the size of the order.

But what if you already chose the smallest package? In this case there will be no solution except that you want to make a discount to the client reducing your profit but you will increase their desire to buy from you.

Consequences reduce shipping costs in Vinted

If you reduce the shipping costs below the weight of your package (including the weight of the product and the packaging) it is very possible that the company that sends your package may ask you for extra money for shipping since it exceeds the weight and size set for each type of package:

- Small for less than 500 g.
- Medium for less than 1 kg.
- Large for less than 2 kg.
- Heavy items for less than 5-20 kg.
- Baby carriages, wall mirrors, rugs, etc. for up to 10 kg.
- Car seats, other heavy items up to 20 kg.

You should know that it is rare that the shipping company wants to stop your package because it weighs more. However, Mondial Relay is the company that gives less importance to the dimensions and weight of the package, however others such as couriers measure and weigh your package before sending it, although certainly, measuring and weighing your order does not guarantee that they will ask you for more. money for the shipment if it exceeds the limits.

Therefore, you should worry if your order exceeds the limits but not in excess, since if it is only 100 or 200 grams, what exceeds will not be very striking and you have a high probability that they will not tell you anything and the order will reach your destination correctly.

What to do if the package weighs more in Vinted

The first thing you have to check is how much your package exceeds the weight you indicated in the advertisement. If this exceeds 100 or 200 grams, the indicated weight will not be important. However, even if it exceeds these grams or exceeds them much more, it is important that you follow some tips to reduce the weight of the package.

These tips are for those products that are very bulky, if your product is small like a necklace or ring you must fill it in because shipping companies do not want such small packages. Then make your package measure at least like a 10 x 10 cm envelope.

  • Compress the product

    As in the case of a coat or shoes, it is important that you measure them so that when they measure the product it does not seem so big.

  • Remove fillers

    If your product has padding such as bags or shoes, remove it so that it does not weigh so much. As the transport time is not so long, the product is not likely to deform. In the case of fragile products, you have to keep the filling to prevent it from breaking.

  • Avoid cardboard boxes

    Cardboard boxes will make your order weigh more. Therefore it is better to use plastic directly to cover the products. If your product is fragile, change cardboard boxes for crumpled cardboard paper or bubble wrap.

  • Use lightweight wrappers

    Use light but resistant bags to wrap your products, in this way you will help the packaging not make the order weigh even more.

  • Put the right and necessary wrapper

    Do not use more material than the account, only the necessary so that the product does not break.

Remember to weigh your product once packed to know how much it really weighs and make sure you know what it weighs in case the shipping company claims money from you.

Reduce shipping costs in Vinted mainly boils down to changing the type of package in your Vinted ad to the smallest one and reducing the weight of your packaged product as much as possible.