Vinted United States: is it available there to sell second-hand clothes?

Vinted, the most famous application currently in the European Union, is the one that everyone wants to use to earn extra money per month. But is Vinted available in the US? Here I explain it to you and analyze its usefulness when selling in the US.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
is vinted available in the united states

Surely if you live in the United States you want to get the most economic potential you can get by selling your used things, especially your used clothes.

And it is that in the United States it is easier to sell second-hand things than in the European Union because here we have a greater number of laws that make it more difficult for us to be half-hearted entrepreneurs. If we sell second-hand in the European Union, we almost have to register as entrepreneurs, which is why Vinted has been so successful here in managing these occasional sales.

However, in the United States it is easier so you can sell it at a second-hand market by yourself and not in Europe.

Therefore, second-hand sales in the United States have a much longer tradition and many pages where we can sell used clothing that have been successful for quite some time, such as Poshmark, Mercari, TheRealReal, ThredUp, or Depop, among others. .

But if anyone could dethrone Poshmark from its US secondhand realm it would be Vinted.

Can you sell on Vinted from the United States?

You should know that it is. Vinted YES is available in the United States this means that we can use its mobile APP and its website to sell from the United States without problem.

Vinted is not an APP for the sale of international used clothing, but it can only be sold in some countries such as Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Portugal, Canada and the United States.

The countries of the European Union are connected to each other, while the rest of the countries live separately and can only be sent within them, such as in the United States, Australia or Canada.

But for example, in Latin America Vinted is not yet available, but it will surely expand as time goes by.

How Vinted works in the US

When it comes to an application to sell second-hand, today almost all APPs work in the same way, so it is very simple.

Vinted has many advantages such as fast shipping, no sales commissions, customers paying for shipping, and not having to pay to sell as many items as you want in your closet.

But Vinted also has disadvantages such as not insuring your product back if the customer rejects the product for whatever reason they want, even if it is invented, and being left without a product and without money.

The operation of Vinted from the United States is very simple and is identical to how it works in the rest of the countries. Just download the mobile app and sign up. Take photos of the products you want to sell and upload them along with a true description so that customers do not demand your money back later.

When a customer buys from you, you choose the size of the package and send it by the shipping company chosen by the buyer. When the order arrives, the customer must answer that the product is fine and the money will go to the seller, if not the money goes to the customer and the product also if the seller does not get it back.

Within the Vinted APP you can promote your products, advertising them so that they appear to more customers in exchange for a few dollars. You can also make offers to buyers to offer your products for less money and customers can also make lots getting discounts for buying more products from you.

Remember that within the Vinted APP you can only have one user per person name, bank details and internet connection, if you have several users your account will be closed.

Buying at Vinted is really simple and easy and very comfortable except for the fact of returns. My experience in Vinted is very good and I recommend it to you.