Is SHEIN going to close forever due to the change in European Union regulations? [2023]

If you want to know if SHEIN will close its store in the coming months or years, in this article you will find out what is currently happening and what the future holds.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
is shein going to close

Yes, exactly, as you read it. A few days ago there was a news item in the media that talked about how the European Union aspires to "circularity" in 2030, that is, to include new laws that only allow the European Union to sell only clothes that do not pollute as much.

But, this is news that has revolutionized social networks. And honestly, if you're one of those who used to buy everything at SHEIN, this article will interest you because I know that the current concern about SHEIN closing and not having where to buy is latent.

Why are they against SHEIN

SHEIN is selling twice as much as stores like ZARA or H&M, it was to be expected that they would put their eyes on this platform, because everything that glitters glitters.

It is clear that SHEIN uses Fast Fashion and high-speed production to manufacture many clothes daily and pollutes with waste, but doesn't ZARA, Primark, or any other store do the same?

The reality is that almost all the stores that surround us are Fast Fashion, even the stores that sell things that are not fashion buy in China where they pollute to sell here.

So, there is a high suspicion that the problem is not that SHEIN is Fast Fashion. Place your bets on the cause, while such a notorious company is winning the pulse of other very important ones.

The good thing about going against SHEIN

Well, although none of us want SHEIN to be closed, we also want the environment to be taken care of. And it is true that some SHEIN garments last less, although not all of them, some are just as durable as SHEIN garments, something that I have been able to test on myself.

The good thing about going against SHEIN, although the whole planet should go against non-responsible manufacturing, is that they will adjust production and make it more responsible so we will slow down climate change, although isn't that a little late already? Even if it is so, we must do it, there is no other choice.

The bad thing about going against SHEIN

There is a big drawback to SHEIN closing, and that is that many people cannot afford to dress with such high fashion prices of the Fast Fashion currently on the market.

But even more importantly, there is another sector in the very large market that has the purchasing power to buy in other stores, but they go to SHEIN for having a wide variety of garments with more length, plus size, small size and high size than in other stores. other stores is impossible to find.

In a certain way, SHEIN makes people's lives more comfortable, which does not imply that it does not pollute a lot as other stores continue to do, although to a lesser extent.

Is SHEIN going to close in 2030 in the European Union?

If they close SHEIN they should close all the Fast Fashion stores, and this includes all the other super well-known stores. In addition, they should increase our salaries by 200% or more, since a sustainable garment can cost the same as our fuel cost per month. We should almost mortgage ourselves to buy a T-shirt with our current salaries.

"In theory" SHEIN is not going to close, rather they want to establish regulations that change the way they produce to make them more ethical and therefore make them comparable to other stores such as those of the Inditex chain.

What happens next is a mystery, but SHEIN could stop selling in the European Union and continue selling abroad, contaminating the same thing. What a solution, right? Although the fact is that the chances of it closing are very low, but many similar stores could close just to become ecological and not have as many profits since they would sell less because they have a higher price.

The European Union is a very large market and you will rarely stop selling in it. I want to give a message of calm, and say that as long as SHEIN is not banned in the European Union, they will adapt "in some way" because otherwise their profits would be greatly reduced.

As for the price, if it adapts, we would reach minimum ZARA prices. And this does not speak of quality, only of price.

In summary, it is not known what will happen, but I invite you to calm down and think that it is only a readaptation of the current form of production towards a more sustainable panorama that sooner or later should happen. We will find a disappeared SHEIN (unlikely) or a more expensive and durable SHEIN, only time will tell.