Is it easy to sell on Vinted to make money on 2023?

Vinted is the most successful application at the moment in the European Union and in the United States, which is why everyone wonders if they can sell on this application and earn money selling their used clothes. Here I explain the difficulty of selling on Vinted

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
is it easy to sell on vinted

If you are considering whether to start selling on Vinted but you are not sure whether to do it, or you are already selling and you really do not think it is easy to sell on Vinted, I will give you a vision about the platform that will change the way you think.

Is it easy to sell on Vinted?

I'm not going to lie to you. Selling on Vinted is easy, but if you're wondering why I know, the answer is because I've sold on Vinted multiple times. Which means that it is an application where great knowledge of sales is not required to be able to earn some money.

Normally if it is not easy for you to sell on Vinted it is because people don't like your clothes or items and you have to make packs to sell the items in a more suggestive way or perhaps make a transformation of the garment if you feel like it. good sewing.

But if your clothes are nice and your photos look fairly good, selling is guaranteed. If you do not sell or promote your item, this confirms that your clothes are not wanted by so many people.

Is it necessary to have knowledge to sell on Vinted?

Vinted was created for sale between individuals, this means that the most complicated part of the sale is done by the platform for you and you don't have to make an effort.

The platform has an algorithm that shows the garments at different times to customers so that they can buy, since Vinted also wants to earn money from sales.

Therefore, you do not need to know about marketing unless you want to scale your business sales and create a second-hand fashion sales company, if this is not your case and you only want to get money of up to 200 euros a month or so you can always use Vinted without knowledge.

But if you really want to say that it is easy to sell on Vinted you must know what people want to buy in order to obtain a greater profit. You just have to check the fashion and consumer trends, and you will know what people want so you can raise your prices.

What is the best selling on Vinted?

The evolution of the Vinted platform is causing more and more users to start selling and here lies the difficulty, in that it will be increasingly complex to sell due to the amount of competition and users will have the need to promote themselves by paying for it to show your ads to more users.

On the other hand, not realizing you have bad photos that are too dark and the item doesn't show up well, or the fact that your clothes aren't desirable and you have to make more offers can be a never-ending loop you if you don't react you end up without selling anything and wanting to leave Vinted.

Is it easy to do business selling on Vinted?

If your intention is to start a business selling second-hand fashion, Vinted is a good place to start selling. However, it is not a place where you can show off your brand, because Vinted does not want commercial sales or covert businesses even if they are second-hand, so you must be cautious and be careful not to sell large quantities.

It is the perfect platform to start making your brand known and gain confidence in yourself that you can sell and be independent. At the same time, having other sales channels and advertising support such as social networks or your own online store will be the right thing to do to create your second-hand business, having Vinted as the main sales platform and the rest to encourage sales.

Why don't people want to sell on Vinted?

There is a reason why it's easy to sell on Vinted but people don't want to continue selling on the platform. It's reason are the returns.

Returns did not exist when the platform was created but Vinted added them to comply with the regulations and customers have the right to return, so there are some customers who tend to keep the item and the money and this is something that does not work quite well currently on the platform.

In online fashion stores, returns are not made if it is the customer who has mistreated the product or is not telling the truth. While at Vinted this is not the case, and Vinted will always agree with the customer.

However, and although the returns work in the same way in the rest of the second-hand sales applications, we hope that in the future the mechanism of returns in Vinted will improve since it is a startup in continuous growth.