What is the Fabletics VIP subscription and how does it work? [2023]

Still don't know what Fabletics VIP is and how it works? Learn all the details of this sports fashion subscription to save money on your purchases at Fabletics.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how works fabletics vip

Fabletics has revolutionized the panorama of how we currently buy fashion by incorporating the concept of subscription as the main benefit of its proposal.

If the concept of Fabletics VIP sounds familiar to you but you do not know what the program is about, it is It's time for you to learn how this subscription works.

What is Fabletics VIP?

Fabletics VIP is the subscription program created by the fashion store of Fabletics sportswear. This is a monthly subscription whereby customers can purchase separate sportswear sets or tops and leggings at lower prices than other fashion stores.

Fantastic sportswear deals from Fabletics It also contains a very important design factor, and that is that its products have technology in their fabrics to be comfortable and elastic during the sports period.

The discounted prices that can be obtained with the Fabletics VIP program They are around 50% of the initial price of each item, so we find a great incentive to make purchases on this website.

How does Fabletics VIP work?

The operation of Fabletics VIP is really simple. Simply by buying in the Fabletics online store and accepting their purchase conditions to take advantage of their discounts on sportswear, you will be subscribed to the Fabletics VIP program.

In this way, whenever you want, you can have prices on their website clothes at 12 and 15 euros every month without problem. You will not have to do anything else to subscribe to the monthly program.

Is Fabletics VIP free?

Fabletics VIP is not free, but the subscription monthly has a fee of 49 dollars that will be deducted from your account on the 6th of each month unless you skip the month or cancel your account.

You can cancel the Fabletics VIP program whenever you want and this way you will stop paying the monthly fee. I show you how to cancel your Fabletics VIP account and forget about payments in this article on how to permanently cancel your subscription to Fabletics.

But you can also pause your subscription and stop paying in the months you want if you skip the month between the 1st and 5th of each month as you I explain here.

What is the Fabletics VIP fee for?

The Fabletics VIP fee for your monthly subscription is a payment of monthly service that is destined to your wallet balance of your Fabletics user. When entering your wallet they are called credits, and you can use them to buy in the store.

The credits, that is, the fees discounted monthly, accumulate in your wallet if you do not buy any month (with the exception of you skip the month). If you make purchases that exceed the credits you have in your wallet, you will have to pay separately with your card.

You must remember that after 36 months your credits will expire and you will not be able to use them, so it is important that you make your purchases before 3 years since you got them.

How to opt out of Fabletics VIP?

Opting out of Fabletics VIP when you make a purchase is tricky , since to make your first purchase you must accept the purchase conditions where it is explicit that you subscribe to the Fabletics VIP program.

The only way to not subscribe is not buying, or skipping the month or canceling your bill. But you must bear in mind that on your first purchase you cannot skip the month or cancel your account.

How to request a refund of Fabletics VIP?

The Fabletics VIP service is a subscription service so it is understood that they are delivering the service to you when you pay for it. This service is that your money is converted into credits in your wallet and you have the possibility of paying less for sports fashion.

That is why you cannot request a refund, but you can cancel your account so that they do not charge you more monthly fees and say goodbye to the program.

Advantages and disadvantages of Fabletics VIP

The biggest advantage that we can highlight about Fabletics VIP is the fact that you can buy great designer sportswear at a low price with a trusted website without having to search much in other online stores.

As a disadvantage we find the fact of having a monthly fee that forces us to be aware of skipping the month if said month does not want to make any purchases on the web.

To skip the month I explain how to do it in my article that you can read here to help you avoid having to pay this month.

If you want to know more about Fabletics and its ins and outs, or about other fashion stores that you don't trust whether to buy or don't keep reading the other articles you'll find on the blog.