How to send Shoes by Vinted safely [Step by Step] 2023

If you have bought shoes in Vinted and you want to know how you can send them without having any problem, I will explain how to do it in this article.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to send shoes vinted

Shoes, in addition to fragile and excessively large items, are one of the most complex products to know how to ship in Vinted.

Since shoes are a fairly large product, even if they have heels, it is important that you know how they are packed because we need them to occupy and weigh as little as possible, especially if you have put a smaller package size in the advertisement.

In this article I tell you how I ship the shoes in Vinted and with which I have never had any problems.

How to send the shoes in Vinted

Para enviar zapatos en Vinted solo tienes que seguir estos sencillos pasos y tendrás asegurado que tus zapatos lleguen a su destino sanos y salvos:

  1. Weigh the two shoes

    First you must weigh the two shoes and write down the weight to know what weight limit you have when packing them.

  2. Know your package size

    Visit the Vinted ad of your shoes and see what size package you put, the size and weight limit and write them down.

  3. Remove padding

    If the weight of the shoes is very close to or equal to or greater than the package size you put in the Vinted ad, remove all kinds of fillers such as cardboard or pads and papers from the inside of the shoes. If your shoes weigh less you can leave the fillings.

  4. Delete the box

    I have sent many shoes without boxes. It is true that it is safer to send them without a box, but if you put a resistant plastic paper on the outside, they will not break or deform since shoes are not a fragile product.

    If you remove the box, your shipment will weigh less and it will come in handy, especially if the weight of your shoes is very close to the package size you chose.

  5. Clean the shoes

    With paper or a damp cloth and a pinch of soap, clean the soles so that the product reaches the customer as new. The soles are usually the dirtiest part of the product but the shoes can also be dirty so cleaning the upper part of the shoes will also help you please the customer.

  6. Compact the shoes

    Trying not to deform the shoes as close as possible to each other so that the package reduces its size, since many Vinted shipping companies usually measure them.

  7. Enter the Vinted tag

    If the Vinted label I send you has a double label like the Mondial Relay label, before packing you will have to insert the smallest label inside the package and leave the largest one to stick on top of the package.

  8. Pack them

    In this step you need to have plastic wrapping paper on hand. I know that it is not very respectful with the environment, but if you use paper, the insured thing is that it breaks in transport, or the same workers of the shipping company do not want to take the order because they know that it will break on the way.

    So pack them with plastic wrap like this, twist it twice and finish gluing it with clear duct tape like this one.

  9. Paste the Vinted tag

    Cut out the label and stick the Vinted label on the outside of the package thanks to the transparent packing tape.

  10. Take the package to the shipping office

    Now you must take your package to the shipping office and they will process it so that it is sent to its destination.

With these steps, you already know how to easily send your shoes to Vinted, so you can learn even more in the articles you will find in this blog.