How to sell at ASOS [Guide for Fashion Brands]

Haven't you figured out how to sell at Asos yet? Find out how to sell your brand at Asos and reach many more customers with your fashion business.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to sell on asos

You probably already know Asos. Asos is a marketplace that was born in 2000 in France and Germany, however it was not until 2011 that it appeared in Spain. It consists of a giant online shop where Asos' own products are sold as well as products from other brands which at the end give the user the possibility to choose between thousands of fashion products and accessories for women, men, boys, girls and the plus size categories or clothes for tall women.

How to sell on ASOS? This platform has multiple benefits for your brand and you are sure to increase your sales by joining the Asos sales programme.

How to sell at ASOS for fashion brands

Before you start selling at Asos, you should know what Asos Marketplace is. Asos Marketplace This is the platform belonging to Asos which today consists of more than 800 clothing brands and more than 130,000 products on sale. These brands are both vintage shops and garments created by independent brands.

como vender en asos

💛 Advantages of selling in Asos

A 'boutique' of Asos Marketplace has many advantages:

- Increase your audience: you will be able to sell to a wide audience, especially to young people. This translates into more sales.
- No maximum number of products: you can include as many products as you want in your shop. At least five products.
- Sells internationally: is simple, and you can sell to as many countries as you wish.
- There is no permanence: we must not sell on a mandatory basis with Asos for any length of time.
- Customizable shop: Your shop in Asos can be fully customised to match your brand.
- Reduces marketing investment: by selling on an already known platform your marketing investment decreases.
- Attentive support: will also help you with your guides to sell on the platform.

⚡ Disadvantages of selling at Asos

But before you start selling at Asos you also need to know these disadvantages of Asos:

- You need a Paypal account: You must have an open Paypal account to receive your income.
- Photographs with criteria: the photographs you upload of your products must meet their requirements.
- Own customer service: you will have to manage your clients' doubts yourself, with the necessary speed so as not to receive complaints.
- You will have to manage your shipments: you must choose your own delivery company and send the products from your shop yourself.
- Commission per sale: Asos has a 20% sales commission.
- Not owned by your shop: although selling in asos barely requires investment you must remember that this shop is not yours and you must play by its rules.
- Monthly fee of 20 euros for using Asos as a marketplace.

Discover the steps to know how to sell at Asos

To start selling at Asos and put your shop on their marketplace you must follow these steps:

  1. Request to open your shop in Asos

    To start selling at Asos Marketplace, apply for your shop at Asos by registering at their web. In three days you will know if Asos has approved your application. Remember that to sell at Asos you must be an independent brand or sell products of other brands but originals, never imitations.

  2. Choose your shipping company

    As you will have to manage the shipments it is essential that you choose a shipping company to know their costs and thus be able to put your prices to the products.

  3. Customize your shop

    Once you have access to your Asos shop you can start customizing your profile by adding your logo with 310x169px image, description and other relevant information for your customers. The image of your Asos shop window should be 490x355px.

  4. Upload your products

    Photograph your products with Asos criteria:

    - Lighting as natural as possible.
    - Background never white if not grayish, do not exceed with the retouching or add filters, or border or watermarks.
    - The product to be sold must stand out from the rest of the elements, never black and white images or photographs of catwalks.
    - The photographs must be a minimum of 870x1262px, loading a maximum of 5 photographs per product.
    - Photograph the brands and labels in the chaos of you selling other brands' products.

    You must have a complete description of each product and also its size guide with the measurements of the product.

  5. Answers customer queries

    Remember that there must be a person on your team who is dedicated to answering customers' questions as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  6. Manages shipments and returns

    Finally, you should know that shipments are made in a maximum of two days and that the customer has 14 days to return the product. You must manage the deliveries and returns with your shipping company. When you make a delivery you must provide the customer with a tracking number.