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how to make money on pinterest

How to make money on Pinterest with or without Blog [2022]

Know all the possibilities that exist on Pinterest to make money with or without using a blog! I explain what you need to start using this interesting social network like Pinterest.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

Although you know the Pinterest social network, you should know that it is not one of the most used social networks. This means that currently many users use Pinterest but less than other social networks, this means that we have less competition when wanting to monetize Pinterest we will face a smaller amount of competition and we can stand out faster and therefore get money.

At the end of this article I will explain what is for me the best way to make money on Pinterest based on my experience, so I recommend you read the whole article, as I will give you my opinion and surely will give you information to achieve monetize Pinterest..

How to make money on Pinterest

The way to how to make money on Pinterest is that you upload images to Pinterest, that is, you create interesting pins for users, and in them you add a link that will take them to the platform that will make you money. Monetization will only be achieved if you have chosen a strategy wisely.

The truth is that the term "how to make money on Pinterest" is poorly formulated, and is that in social networks (except in some like Youtube that pay you for views of your content) you can not make money, if not used to bring users to an external website or platform where if the conversion of money happens.

And this is not little, since the fact of attracting users to our content in an easy way is quite difficult nowadays and in many occasions we must pay, while Pinterest is one of the few platforms where our publications are still shown to many users for free. On the other hand, we find Instagram and Facebook where the reach of our posts without paying is getting smaller and smaller, and at the opposite point we see Tiktok which is currently the social network where it is the fastest to go viral but where most users of the network who use their accounts in non-commercial mode say it is not really good for conversions.

That is why Pinterest is a platform that is potentially between Instagram and Tiktok. It is a social network especially positive For services, products and content that mostly women like, such as: decoration, makeup, ropa, crafts, food, lifestyle or finance, travel and all those more visual disciplines.

What is the secret trick to make money on Pinterest?

I have to tell you that there is no secret trick to make money on Pinterest. Because I have tried to use those platforms that give you money as fast as possible after users click on the link of a post on Pinterest as they can be affiliate links like Amazon Affiliate program and finally end up blocking your Pinterest account if you put them directly in the url of your pins.

If you want to think that there is a magic formula to make money on Pinterest you must really focus on these factors being met at the same time which will shape your strategy to monetize Pinterest.

- Right topic: align yourself with the most famous topics on Pinterest and with the most money-making potential.

- Choose your best platform: find a platform where the exchange of money is between you and the user, this is where you can really accelerate making money on Pinterest if you choose the most optimal medium.

- Clickable images: make images very attractive for users to click on.

- Interact with other users: commenting and saving other users' pins will ensure that other users notice you and follow you to give you more clicks on your content.

Below I explicate these steps in an extended way so you can start earning money on Pinterest. But remember that they must be fulfilled at the same time for the magic to happen:

  • Choose the right topic

    The topic is very important. If you want to be successful it is best to rule out topics that tend to appeal more to men, or those of an industrial nature such as technology or mechanics. topics that are not visually sellable are not potential topics to make money with Pinterest.

    Therefore, select one of the following topics: decoration, beauty, crafts, art, design, food, lifestyle or finance, travel and all those more visual disciplines.

  • Choose the best platform

    Step number one is To learn how to make money on Pinterest is to know which platform you will use: when a user clicks on one of your posts must go to a platform where there is a product, service or information in which the user by performing an action you earn money.

    This platform can be yours or from third parties. In the case that the platform is yours, we will talk about a website/online store or blog:

    - Blog: We are talking about a website based on articles where we talk about topics and we can monetize through advertising embedded in the ads as Adsense or talking about products and putting links to stores like Amazon earning money as affiliates. In the second option to earn money as an affiliate, you should know that there are many pages with affiliate system for any of the fields with which you are interested in earning money: events, travel, makeup, ropa, courses, travel,...

    - Web or online store: on a website we can describe any type of service or product we sell, both physical and digital.

    How to make money on Pinterest without a blog

    It is very common to ask the question how to make money on Pinterest without a blog? When it comes to setting up a blog or website we know that it can become laborious and tedious if you don't have technical knowledge. Or even if you do acquire this technical knowledge it can take a long time to build it and your Pinterest earnings will drag on for a long time.

    The way how to make money on Pinterest without a blog is that you use a third-party digital platform, that is, one that you don't own, where the exchange of money takes place between you and the customer.

    Some of the external tools we can use to make money on Pinterest without a blog are:

    - Gumroad: creates a page where we can sell physical or online products or services for free.

    - Hotmart o Udemy: we can upload our courses and sell them easily on this platform totally free of charge.

    - La Tostadora o Redbubble: we can sell t-shirts or personalized accessories on these platforms that create our own store.

    - Amazon, Etsy o Ebay: we can sell products in these marketplaces whether they are for sale or handmade although we will have to pay for the ads or to sell in these marketplaces.

    - Vinted o poshmark: they are platforms where we can create our profile to sell used clothes that we can also promote on Pinterest.

    - Superprof o Smartacademy: perfect if you want to give online classes since you can offer your services.

    - Youtube o Twitch: create your own Youtube or Twitch channel to earn money with advertising or subscriptions from these platforms.

  • Create Clickable Images

    No clicks, no money. You need to create images for your Pinterest pins that will make users view them, open them and click through to the platform where you will make sales.

    A trick to really know who clicks on your links, since Pinterest sometimes does not give us information that really verifies, is to use a link shortener with statistics. to do so, register at Bitly and start shortening your Pinterest links.

    This way in the panel we will have the number of clicks and their origin by country.

    The more clicks our links get from our Pinterest pins, the more chances we have to make sales, so remember that your images should be eye-catching. Usually the most eye-catching is to use pictures of people and headlines that incite the click.

  • Interact with other users

    In addition to the content that you create, it is interesting that you start creating boards where you save pins of other users so that the Pinterest algorithm shows your pins to other users who may know your profile and follow you to be updated on your news.

    Also value the fact of commenting other users on their own pins. You must be an active person on Pinterest and improve your content day by day. Taking it as a professional activity is the key.

Finally, remember that it is mandatory to create content and publish it constantly, as this is the medium that attracts users to our monetization platform.

The answer to How often to post on Pinterest is between 1 and 2 times a day as long as we are sharing useful and eye-catching content to users.

If you want to create more than one source of income that are not related in topic to each other it is interesting that you create several Pinterest accounts to sell these services.

My opinion about how to make money on Pinterest

Maybe like you, I love Pinterest, it's one of those social networks that teaches you in an entertaining and fast way.

In my case I have used Pinterest to share images of my articles of this blog and channel traffic. Although I have not been 100% with this social network it can be said that it has given positive results.

On the other hand, I have also tried using a Pinterest to share fashion photos and put affiliate links, but this I do not advise you, because they closed me this Pinterest account although I shortened the link to hide it. The best thing to do in this case is to use a blog to review those items.

Also, I highly recommend you to save pins from other users, because since I started saving pins users have started to follow me naturally, without me making an effort.

On the other hand, people accounts vs. company Pinterest accounts work better without a doubt people accounts with real pictures, which give much more confidence to the rest of people who will jump to follow you and boost their activity with you.

As for sharing content to sell more through your brand, I only recommend it if your project or company is related to topics that we have discussed above, that is, that women like and that are very visual, otherwise it will not attract so much attention. potentially it is the technology topic which is the opposite of being successful on Pinterest, as I have tried uploading content of this topic.

Regarding the platform you choose, it is true, it is better to choose platforms that are more known by the user as they will give you more confidence when consuming as is the case with Amazon, Aliexpress, Hotmart, Udemy, Etsy, Youtube, etc. If in your case you monetize through a blog make sure that your blog is easy to navigate and not scary to enter because you have to fight with thousands of popups, plus the way in which users buy your products or services works.

If you found this article useful, I hope you can start your Pinterest project and make money with it in the most simple, correct and comfortable way you like.