How to get paid on Vinted the easy way [Updated 2023]

Would you like to know how to collect Vinted money quickly? Whether you have already had sales in Vinted or if you want to know how to start you should know.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to get paid on vinted

The best part of selling on the Vinted second-hand clothing sales APP is collecting the money, our profits, for each of those sales.

Receiving your money from Vinted is really easy, just read this article to know the requirements and the process to follow.

How do I receive the money in Vinted?

When you make one or more sales in the Vinted second-hand clothing sales APP, and taking into account that the customer must have confirmed that their order was fine when it arrived, the money will go directly to your Vinted wallet.

Once the money is in your wallet, you can spend it making other purchases in Vinted or transfer it to your bank account without any commission (if you want to transfer it to Paypal read below).

It is also important that you know, to transfer your money from Vinted it is not necessary to reach any minimum amount of money, so there are no requirements.

How to transfer the money from Vinted to your bank account ?

To transfer the money from Vinted to your bank account you must follow the following steps:

  1. Access your username in Vinted.

  2. Click on the profile icon.

  3. Click on "My balance".

  4. Click on the transfer button.

Can I transfer the money from Vinted to Paypal?

Currently money cannot be transferred from Vinted to Paypal , only buyers can pay with Paypal in case the order is tracked and is not personalized by the seller.

Not being able to transfer the money from your seller earnings in Vinted to your Paypal account is because Vinted wants to ensure the legality of the sellers, and that is why it does not encourage the transfer of money to Paypal because the statement Paypal earnings on the part of sellers is usually non-existent due to the little legal control of the states on the income in Paypal.

Anyway, if you don't want to add a bank account of yours to Vinted because you don't trust it, and knowing that you can't use Paypal to transfer your money earned on your sales in Vinted, you can always create a bank account that you only use in Internet and have less risk of being discovered.

As you can see, the process to receive your money in Vinted is summarized to make sales, that users confirm that everything is fine and finally click on the button to transfer money to your bank account.

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