How to get points and credits in JustFab [2023]

If you don't know all the benefits of JustFab credits and points to make your purchases in this fashion store, here you will discover its secrets.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to get justfab points

Before making your purchase or joining the JustFab VIP program You should know two concepts that are often confused, especially when you first start using this website. These two concepts with JustFab VIP credits and loyalty points.

Both credits and points can be used to get different advantages in your JustFab purchases.

How JustFab VIP credits work

The JustFab VIP credits is the money from the fee that is deducted from your bank account monthly for subscribing to JustFab VIP and that is stored in your JustFab wallet.

These are credits that do not expire and if you have, for example, 80 credits you can spend 80 euros (or equivalent to your local currency). If, for example, you want to buy an item from the store whose price is higher than the credits you have in your balance, you will have to pay the difference.

The JustFab VIP credits, being money obtained from your monthly payment fee to JustFab VIP, will increase each month that the money is deducted.

In addition, you will always be able to use your JustFab VIP credits as they do not expire. Then yes If you cancel your JustFab account you will still be able to use your VIP credits but if you place an order whose price exceeds the amount of VIP credits you have in your wallet then your JustFab VIP subscription will be reactivated and therefore you will be charged again. monthly fee at that time.

The way to use your JustFab VIP credits is really easy, because they are applied automatically and you will not have to do anything to apply them to your shopping cart.

How JustFab points works

JustFab points are loyalty points awarded to JustFab shoppers on each of their purchases. You will earn 25 loyalty points for each euro spent on your purchase. You'll also earn 20 points for every review you leave on products you've purchased from JustFab.

Points are equal to the price you always buy at a discount. That is, if you buy a product at 20 euros that, when reduced, is 15 euros, they will only give you points for those 15 euros, and in this case they will give you 375 points that will be accumulated to your number of points.

These JustFab points will be earned whether you buy with VIP credits or not and are not subscribed to this program.

But you have to keep in mind that these points cannot be redeemed to buy items, but you can redeem them for gifts that JustFab offers you, and to redeem them you must choose your gift when buying. But the points cannot be redeemed in the same purchase where you get them, but in the next purchase.

You can only start redeeming your points when you add up to 2,500, and from 4,500 points you can redeem them for gifts that have values ​​greater than their equivalence in points. In addition, with 6000 points you will be eligible for even more expensive gifts.

The gifts you can choose from belong to the sectors of jewelry, accessories, beauty products and makeup.

JustFab loyalty points will expire twice: twelve months after earning them and when you cancel your JustFab VIP account.

Buying at JustFab can make you win prices thanks to its loyalty points, and at the same time you must remember the discount that will mean using the credits of the JustFab Vip program, but if you are not convinced by JustFab you can always see these alternatives to JustFab to buy low cost fashion.