Free Shipping on Vinted: how do you really get it without coupons? [2023]

Still don't know about Vinted's second-hand free shipping? The most secret trick about free shipping on Vinted that you should know if you would like to save money on shipping and have a purchase of your second-hand clothes cheaper.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to get free shipping vinted

Realistically, when we buy second-hand clothes in the APP, just like when we buy in an online fashion store, anyone wants to buy several items of clothing.

The fact that the shipping costs of several sellers on Vinted are combined can cause us to end up paying more shipping than the cost price of the clothing itself, something that honestly does not attract buyers when we are using Vinted.

You may have noticed that, as in all stores and APPs, the law has been cheated and getting free Vinted shipping is a possibility that is real but is subject to certain requirements.< /p>

In this article I explain how shipping works on Vinted, and how free shipping works as well as the different ways to get free shipping.

How free shipping works on Vinted

Shipping on Vinted works in a very simple way but different from fashion stores. And it is that being a marketplace where there are many sellers putting their items up for sale, each shipment is managed separately.

This means that for each shipment in Vinted we must pay the minimum shipment and there is no real way to pay different unified shipments in the same fee, something that Vinted should improve and minimally unify shipments from the same geographical areas to ease the payment of customers.

Ways to Get Free Vinted Shipping

When it comes to getting free shipping on Vinted and freeing us from paying those minimum 3 euros, you have the following ways to do it:

  • First purchase: when you make a first purchase on Vinted, the platform proceeds to give you free shipping, and this is with the aim of getting people hooked on buying in the APP and later of this purchase make more.

  • Special periods: Vinted can have some totally random offer periods in which they offer free shipping to all users of the platform and they are also uncontrollable so you cannot predict when you will get free shipping. Normally these special periods are one day periods and you will probably be notified for advantage in the Vinted chat.

  • Sale periods: it is likely that on the most important days of the year Vinted decides to include free shipping to all users, such as Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday or other special days.

  • Buying from the same seller: although it is not a way to get free shipping, buying from the same seller will save us because we can make a batch in the person's closet and get more clothes for the same shipment.

  • Buy more expensive: in relation to the previous point if we buy more expensive items we will be able to amortize our shipping cost more and make it worthwhile to pay.

  • Use a collection point: it is not an option that gives you free shipping on Vinted but opting for collection at a point will help you to obtain lower shipping costs

  • Free Shipping Coupons on Vinted – Free shipping coupons on Vinted basically don't exist. You can see them on many different websites but those coupons end up not being valid and you will waste your time. The only existing coupons are those obtained by users who invite others and the guests end up buying on the platform, but there is no other type of coupon.

How free shipping works on Vinted

Since the only way to get free shipping on Vinted is for Vinted to assign it to you unilaterally and you can't do anything to get it yourself, the way to use free shipping on Vinted is to apply it during your purchase.

If you have free shipping you will see right next to or below the product photos the shipping will appear as 0 euros, which is the way to know if you have free shipping in addition to having received a notification through the Vinted chat or even in your email.

Free shipping with coupons on Vinted

As you may have read previously, I do not recommend using any type of coupon for Vinted and it is that many of the internet stores and websites that have the option of adding a coupon during the purchase process is nothing more than a default space that comes in the design of the web and that is left there in case one day the company ends up offering a free coupon.

What I mean is that on Vinted this space is just a default area and Vinted doesn't usually give anyone coupons. That is why you have to know that the internet websites that offer coupons do so simply because they want to attract traffic to their websites, not because these coupons work and can be dangerous because they can even ask for your information in exchange for the coupons. and this is something you should not fall for.

It is a pity that shipping on Vinted is currently so expensive, since the cheapest is a minimum of two euros and we have to pay such an amount when we are only interested in one item from a wardrobe while in fashion stores we are usually interested in several things and we can pay less shipping proportionally speaking.

If you want to know more details about Vinted you can continue reading the tricks that you will find in this blog.