How to find cheap clothes at SHEIN quickly [2023]

If you are looking for cheap clothes at SHEIN so that the order you make does not cost you a lot of money, in this article I explain how I find cheap clothes at SHEIN.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to find cheap clothes in shein

When we meet SHEIN for the first time we realize that the clothes are really cheap, much more than in other stores. However, days go by and when we make several at SHEIN we see that sometimes there are lower prices and sometimes higher depending on the moment and the offers that are available. Normally we use available discounts, coupons, gift cards and points, but despite this it is not enough for us and we want to obtain clothes for a low price to buy a large quantity.

It may also be that you have run out of points and without coupons and you have no choice but to find the cheapest clothes in SHEIN that we can find and this is what I am going to explain to you in this article.

How to find cheap clothes at SHEIN

As I understand how complex it is to look for clothes at SHEIN because they have too much variety of items, I'll tell you what are the fastest ways to find cheap clothes at SHEIN without taking hours:

  • Buy in opposite seasons: the best trick to find cheap clothes in SHEIN and that is valid for all kinds of stores is to buy the clothes of another season. For example, if you are in winter, it is time to buy summer clothes since summer clothes will be much cheaper. Of course, this works at the beginning or middle of the season, and if you want to do it at the end of a season, it is most likely that they are already introducing the clothes for the next season and they are not as cheap as we might expect.

  • Flash Sale: well-known is the SHEIN Flash sale, which is nothing more than the category of temporary clothing offers that SHEIN has on its website and that it renews periodically to introduce new clothing models and fill the lack of stock. You can find the SHEIN Flash Sale on the main page of the website.

  • Sales: in the traditional sales periods in January and June SHEIN also It has a section with clothing offers that is different from the flash offers section.

  • Item filtering: the most normal way of finding cheap clothes at SHEIN is filtering by price. To do this, you just have to click on "Filters" and if you use the SHEIN APP and scroll down to the bottom and move the maximum price to the maximum you want to pay. Click accept and the discounted items will be shown.

    On the SHEIN website the procedure is similar and the items are automatically recharged. You can do this filtering in any category indistinctly.

  • Everything for less than 5 euros: in the sales category there are three sections "Everything for less than 5 euros", "Everything for less than 10 euros" and "Everything for less of 15 euros". These 3 sections will directly show you cheap clothes from all SHEIN categories.

  • Look for the basics: the basics have always been the cheapest clothes, so if you want to find cheap clothes at SHEIN you should look for basics since the trends are more expensive. These basic clothes are characterized by being clothes without decorations or prints.

  • Buy clothes with little fabric: the longer or wider the clothes you buy It will have a higher price for the cost of fabric that it entails, which makes you have to buy more expensive. Therefore, in the filters you can change the length to "Short" to see garments that will normally be croptop style.

Extra tip for finding cheap clothes at SHEIN

Finally, I will give you one more bonus tip to find cheap clothes at SHEIN and that every expert SHEIN user knows.

When you filter SHEIN items, which is something you should always do because if you don't have a hard time finding products, you should know that not all the products in the store appear with those characteristics and that filtering.

Similarly, when you use of the search engine, not all the garments that respond to that search will appear. We do not know the reason, but it may be because they do not fully understand what we are looking for because SHEIN names that garment in another way.

Therefore, the simplest thing is that you look for a garment and from there visit the related ones below the comments to find other articles you may like if you filter the categories and you don't find anything you like.

If you want to learn more about SHEIN I recommend you continue reading the articles that you will find in the blog.