How to close a SHEIN account permanently, what happens to my data? [2023]

Can a SHEIN account be closed? There are many possibilities why we would want to delete a SHEIN account, but there are also multiple possibilities and that is that not all online stores allow their users to close their accounts. In the case of SHEIN, it does allow us to permanently close our account without giving any explanations.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to delete shein account

You may know SHEIN as a very famous online store that sells clothes at very cheap prices. But SHEIN is one of the most important fashion companies in the world, which from the East has been standing out among its global competition for many years. SHEIN sells in multiple countries and there are many users who have created an account in the online store.

At some point, users want to close their account, perhaps because they no longer want to buy in the store or perhaps because the person who bought it was a deceased being. Whatever the reason you want to delete your SHEIN account, you will find an answer here, since deleting your SHEIN APP from the mobile will not delete your account from the SHEIN database and requires a formal request to SHEIN to be removed.

How to delete your SHEIN account

Maybe you feel worried about how SHEIN affects the world at the time of making their clothes, maybe it is the case that you want to protect your data and they are not in so many places on the Internet, maybe you no longer buy from SHEIN or want to delete your account so you don't want to buy again and thus use it as a saving technique.

Regardless of the reason why you want to delete your SHEIN account, the step-by-step instructions you must follow to achieve it are the following:

Step 1: Enter SHEIN with your username

The first step is always the most logical. Log in to the SHEIN website or the mobile APP the means that is most convenient for you, using your email and password or Google or Facebook depending on how you registered at first.

If you don't remember your password, you can always recover it by clicking on "Recover password" in the start form and writing your email so that they can send the renewal to your email.

Step 2: Click on your user profile

It's time to enter the "Profile" tab indicated by a logo of a person in the upper right corner next to the shopping cart icon.

Step 3: Visit the "My Account" section

The "My account" section is the section where times you click to see a drop-down in which "Account" will appear where you must access to reach the delete account section.

Step 4: Delete your SHEIN account

Finally, you just have to click on the "Delete account" section to start the process in which SHEIN must check the status of your account and verify if it is real that you want to close it.

SHEIN will check if your account has pending orders or any type of transaction such as returns, and if you have no money in your wallet.

Step 5: SHEIN account deletion confirmation

If SHEIN has validly verified that your account deletion request is correct then it will proceed to delete your account but will ask you to confirm certain aspects that imply deleting your account.

Among these aspects is the fact that you have a backup of your data because it will be deleted from SHEIN's records and databases.

At this point you must click "Continue" to proceed to the next process of delete your SHEIN account.

Step 6: Provide the reason for deleting the SHEIN account

SHEIN wants to make sure that it is you who wants to close the account so that there are no further misunderstandings, so it will ask you the reason for wanting to delete your SHEIN account and you will have to select between different options such as:

  • I have multiple SHEIN accounts.

  • I am concerned about my safety and privacy.

  • Incorrect information when registering.

  • Finally another reason that you can detail.

Step 6: Verify the deletion from SHEIN account

To complete the deletion of your SHEIN account, they want you to be the one who deletes it and they will send a unique identification code of the deletion process to your email.

Access your email and look for the email that SHEIN has sent you and copy the code later on the SHEIN website to delete the account. This way your account will already be deleted.

how to close a shein account

Without following all these steps you can contact SHEIN so they can delete your account themselves. You can do this through chat in the customer service icon tab next to the shopping cart icon.

How to undo SHEIN account deletion

If you regret deleting your SHEIN account then you will have to log in within 3 days after requesting deletion of your account. This way the deletion process will be revoked and you will be able to continue using your account.

If you want to use the account you deleted again and more than three days have passed, then you will not be able to do so and you will have to create a new SHEIN account with the same data and you will be able to use it in the same way.

How to delete the SHEIN account of a deceased person

IF you do not want to delete your SHEIN account and what you want is to delete a user account of a deceased person to maintain the privacy of their data, then it is different because you will surely not know the access code or the email and you will have to contact SHEIN to delete the account.

Write an email to [email protected] with the subject "Account deletion request" indicating the name of the person and the reason for which you want their SHEIN account to be deleted. Wait a maximum of two weeks until SHEIN responds to you and deletes the account.

What happens when you delete a SHEIN account?

When you delete a SHEIN account, it will take 3 days until it is permanently deleted and during this period you can enter SHEIN with your data to revoke the deletion of the account.

SHEIN will then delete all registrations, communications, orders, business data, your email, your username, transaction history, your wish list, your saved shopping cart, and any balance in your wallet.

How to delete your SHEIN card information?

Although I always recommend having a virtual card to make your purchases, which is not the normal card where you make your purchases or make your SHEIN payments with PayPal, it is always possible that you want to delete the data of your payment card in SHEIN to guarantee your security.

Your card data is only stored in SHEIN if you requested it when making a payment, since it expressly asks you and if you accepted your data, it will be saved so that when you buy again you can quickly access the data without wasting time.

To delete your SHEIN card information you only have to go to the "My payment options" tab and you will see the list of your stored cards. Simply click delete on the one you want not to be saved in the SHEIN database.

If you have more questions about how to buy at SHEIN or discover new stores where you can buy, you will find all your doubts answered in the articles that you will see at the bottom of the blog.