How to add favorites to create a wish list in Vinted [2023]

Do you want to mark different articles as favorites in Vinted and don't know how to do it? Learn how to bookmark and hide it in this article.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
how to add favourites vinted

Add favorites in Vinted is a way to "save" the products you like from different sellers to have them on hand when choosing what to buy and not miss any.

When you add an article to favorites, the seller will get a notification from you that you have given favorites to an article and in the notification it has a direct link to open the chat and write to you.

That is why below I explain how to give favorites in Vinted , and if you are tired of being harassed by sellers with discounts, you can also prevent sellers from getting a notification by hiding your clicks on favorites .

How to add favorites in Vinted ?

To click on favorites for a product you have to visit the article and under the buy button you will see the button "Add to favorites" if you use the Vinted website, so when you click it you will have added it.

how to add favorite vinted

To add favorites from the Vinted APP, the add to favorites button is on the page of each article right next to the share button, and it is a button with a heart that says "favorites".

how to add favorite vinted

How to see your favorites in Vinted?

To see your favorites you just have to click on your Profile and then on "Preferred Articles" with a heart icon next to it, and there you will see your list of favorites. You can add more and remove whenever you want.

how to see favorites vinted

How to delete your favorites in Vinted?

If you want to remove an article that you have added as a favorite to your list, you can do it in two ways:

- Removing it from the favorites list by clicking again on the red heart below the product.

- Deleting it from the list on the product page by clicking on the "Remove from favorites" button that is below the buy on the web button or the "Favorite" button that is next to the share button in the Vinted APP.

how to delete favorite vinted

How to hide favorites in Vinted?

To hide your clicks on favorites from Vinted sellers, you just have to go to your profile settings, and in your Privacy Settings you will see an option that says:" Notify seller when mark your article as a favorite ", you just have to deactivate it to be able to give a favorite to products and that the sellers do not know it and they will not chat with you.

how to hide favorites vinted

As you can see, it is really easy to add favorites in Vinted to buy more quickly and effectively.