Vinted coupons: where to find them and how to use them in your purchases? [2023]

The cheapest purchases can be for everyone and coupons are what make it easier for us on the Internet to buy more economically. In Vinted it is no different and there are also discount coupons. Find out how they work here.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
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What we love about Vinted is being able to extract really good bargains, garments that for other people are already disposable for us can be authentic jewels that if they come at a discount (even with a label) much better, right?

The only way to save on Vinted directly is by using free shipping, coupons or an alternative way as we will see in this article in an easier and healthier way.

What is a Vinted Coupon

Coupons are those discount codes that exist in general in all stores and online shopping platforms and what they do is get us a discount on the price of our purchases.

In Vinted there are also different coupons that will help us obtain much lower purchases. But each type of coupon has its characteristics and you need to know what they are before using them to avoid danger.

Type of Vinted Coupons

There are different types of coupons within Vinted that you can get:

  • Shipping Coupons: These may have existed at some point and are coupons that are added to your purchase in order to obtain a partial or complete discount on your purchase.

  • Discount coupons: these are coupons that represent a discount on the final amount of your purchase. They are the least common to find on Vinted and so far they have not been shown to exist.

  • Affiliate coupons: affiliate coupons are coupons worth 15 euros that Vinted gives you when you invite a new user and they have made a purchase on the platform. It is assumed that they exist but currently no one has reported having enjoyed their benefits.

How to use a Vinted coupon

Using Vinted coupons is simple and you just have to follow these steps:

  • Enter your Vinted username.

  • Once there, add what you want to buy to your basket.

  • Write the coupon code to use in the "Code" space and if it is valid, the discount will appear on the value of your purchase.

  • Make your payment to get the discount.

Free Vinted Coupons

The Free Vinted Coupons are coupons that, as their name indicates, are free and do not cost us money to get them. If we look for them on the web, they are offered as alphanumeric codes of letters and numbers that we can copy and paste into the "Coupon" box that we find during the Vinted payment process.

These coupons that are offered on internet websites do not normally exist and are strings of random numbers and letters that are created in order to attract visitors to the web but that do not provide any type of advantage when buying online. Vinted. You can try all the ones you find on the Internet that you will see that none of all the free coupons you see on the Internet work.

How to get Vinted Coupons

The way to get Vinted Coupons is to only use those coupons that the platform gives you. Coupons that I send you by email or from reliable promotions.

Normally, Vinted does not usually do promotions with coupons, so getting a coupon will only depend on the ones you get when you invite people to the platform and in another way, such as for free shipping, there is no coupon, but rather it is assigned automatically.

Dangers of Vinted Coupons

The dangers of fraudulent Vinted coupons are wide and varied and are based on the fact that the people who want to get them are usually quite confident in these means of obtaining the coupons or are not very knowledgeable in the use of the Internet.

When you trust is to use any coupon from an online platform, you may not get any results in your purchase, but the worst thing is that they can ask you for data that they collect for not so good purposes. And even if the platform does not ask you for any data, they may have certain ads that send you to not so good websites that do collect your data and sell it to third parties.

Alternatives to Vinted coupons

I highly recommend looking for alternatives to Vinted coupons. I know that we may want to let ourselves be carried away by the emotion of the moment and have the intention of looking for Vinted coupons under rocks even if there are none and want to trust the first website that presents us with a brilliant coupon.

But the reality is that the only way to get a discount alternative to Vinted coupons is to opt for haggling. Vinted created the option to be able to make offers to users and really trying to scratch a little money from the price of the item will be worth us as if it were a discount.

That is why I invite you to try to get the Vinted sellers to lower the price. And it is recommended that you do not make a price offer of more than 30% if you want to be successful in your haggling, since it is most likely that if you drop from 1 to 3 euros, the seller will accept the offer.

If you want to know even more secrets about the Vinted platform then you can continue reading the tips that I bring you here.