How to get Shopee free shipping on your purchases [2023]

If you are placing an order in Shopee and want to know how you can have free shipping to buy more cheaply, here you will know how to do it.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
free shipping shopee

The Shopee marketplace, in terms of shipping costs, works differently from Aliexpress. In Aliexpress, the sellers included their shipping cost in the price of the product by putting free shipping or they put it separately, not having the shipping cost free.

In the case of Shopee it is a little different, since it is the customers who have different opportunities to buy with free shipping at Shopee or, otherwise, have to pay the shipping costs. shipping.

How to get free shipping on Shopee

To get free shipping on Shopee start by looking at each product in those that have a turquoise truck icon that indicates "Free shipping".

There is no way to filter for free shipping within Shopee's product listings, so we'll have to go into each product one by one to find out if it has free shipping, although shipping will usually be free on almost all products.

free shipping shopee

On the other hand, you should know that if you make more than 10 purchases, that is, you buy more than 10 products from different sellers in Shopee per week, you will no longer have free shipping that week, therefore it is necessary that you group as much as possible all your purchases.

However, Shopee establishes surprise periods of time in which its shipping costs will be free for all buyers where there is no minimum or maximum purchase.

Therefore to get free shipping on Shopee you must take advantage of a free unlimited period of Shopee shipping, or order a maximum of 10 products from different sellers in a week.

On the other hand, if you don't have free shipping on Shopee you can also save by using cashback days as an alternative. These days are surprise and you will find them dated in your Shopee sales calendar.

This means that when buying these days, a percentage established by them of what you spend on your purchases will be returned to you as a balance for your next purchase.

Get free shipping coupons at Shopee

The free shipping coupons in Shopee generally do not work, and the websites that offer them do not usually work, therefore it is much more efficient to use these free shipping periods, which are numerous by what you will have no problem buying for free.

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