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Floryday Opinions: Is it Reliable to Buy Cheap Fashion? [2022]

If you need an alternative to your fashion shopping and you think that Floryday is a good option, then knowing the opinions of other people about Floryday will help you decide if you finally want to do your shopping in this store.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.

Floryday is an online store that has a website and applications to buy clothes, shoes or accessories currently only for women. Their headquarters are in China where they manufacture the clothes and ship to their foreign warehouses to expedite shipments to each of the 100 countries where they sell.

So Floryday is positioned as one of the online fashion stores that competes with SHEIN, Romwe or Zaful, among other stores of Chinese origin. Because all of them have low fashion prices for women.

It seeks to provide good customer service and be a safe platform where we want to buy again without complications. But before making your purchase, you need to know more about the opinions about Floryday of the users who have bought in the store and how the platform works.

Opinions on the sizes and quality of Floryday clothing

The quality of Floryday's garments is of average quality, that is, neither very good nor very bad. Although users like it, therefore, it is not a poor quality store. Even Floryday highlights that they have great quality in their garments.

The sizes of the clothes are quite wide and can go up to a maximum of 5XL. Each garment indicates its measurement by clicking on each size, which will make it easier to measure ourselves and know which size suits us.

Opinions on Floryday Shipping and Returns

As for shipments, the shipping time is around 10 or 15 days and the shipping costs are approximately 5 euros. These are somewhat expensive compared to other stores.

Returns are easy to do, but you must contact Floryday's customer service team and tell them the code of your item to return it. You must also send the items on your own and send them the tracking number, which can be somewhat tedious having to bear the shipping costs.

Opinions on Floryday prices, promotions, coupons and points

Floryday's prices are cheap, but at the same time they are more expensive than SHEIN. However, the discount coupons that Floryday offers throughout its website are larger than those of SHEIN and can reach up to 60 percent off.

Coupons can be redeemed when making purchases indicating the coupon code and we can also redeem points for discounts.

You can earn points by reviewing your purchases when they arrive and redeem them on your purchases to get up to a 70% discount.

There is the possibility of buying from the same Floryday company at a lower price, through the Chicmery website, which is the same warehouse as Floryday but instead of sending the order from our continent they send it from China, so orders will come from there.

Floryday Tax & Customs Reviews

The payment of taxes is of great concern to us customers in the European Union since we must pay VAT when the product comes from outside the European Union. And all customers will have to pay customs if the order is stopped.

In the case of Floryday taxes and customs you should not have any problems. Floryday differs from other Chinese fashion factories in that they have warehouses on different continents. This means that if you live in the European Union or in Latin America or in the United States there are no customs or VAT payments because the warehouse is within the continent.

If we order on Floryday from Chicmery then we will have to pay customs duties and VAT in the case of living in the European Union since the orders come from China.

Opinions on Floryday payments and reliability

The Floryday website and APP are very intuitive and it is really easy to navigate and make purchases. Currently Floryday offers secure and encrypted payments so it is safe to buy on this platform. We can pay via credit or debit card and we can also use Paypal. Paying with Paypal is highly recommended to be safer when making the payment.

Remember that it is necessary to have a Paypal account linked to your bank account in order to make a payment with this platform.

My experience shopping at Floryday

In my own experience shopping at Floryday I can say that the order was bad, but not because of its shipping or processing, nor even because of the size. If not because the colors of the dress did not resemble those of the Floryday photographs. This made the request unsuccessful.

But it was a mistake not to look at the photos of the items that customers had posted. What is a problem in the event that there are no customer photos of the product in question because there would be no reference to get an idea.

However, this is something that happens in most online stores of Chinese origin in which the garments are extolled so that customers want to buy them.

Opinions about Floryday from users

It is really remarkable that although there are many negative opinions in most online stores on the Internet. We can find that Floryday clothing reviews on Trustpilot are generally good and very few or no people are disappointed.

They are usually happy with the quality of the clothes, and in general they can only highlight the occasional delay in the arrival of orders.

Some users who are not so happy with their purchases say they have received sizes that were not what they ordered and have had difficulty with returns.

Knowing that Floryday is a platform where you can make secure purchases, the best thing to do if you start shopping at Floryday now is to make a small order with a few purchases and trust this brand to see if the garments convince you.