Why can't final sales be returned at SHEIN? [2023]

If you get the message in SHEIN that final sales are non-refundable this message has a hidden meaning that is little explained by SHEIN and knowing its meaning can improve the quality of your purchases in SHEIN.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
final sales cannot be returned shein

SHEIN looks like an online store with really cheap clothes where your purchases can be simple, fun and cheap. However, SHEIN also has some clauses when making your purchases, which we accept and which we cannot regret once accepted.

One of the existing clauses is the fact that final sales cannot be returned in SHEIN and surely you have seen this message on more than one occasion and do not know its meaning.

What does final sales cannot be returned mean at SHEIN?

The phrase "final sales cannot be returned at SHEIN" is a phrase that you can find in your shopping basket in gray and at the time of making your return in some specific SHEIN products while in others will not appear.

It means that the final sales of SHEIN cannot be returned, therefore they are items that you must keep and you will not be able to ask for any refund.

what are the final sales

What are final sales at SHEIN?

Final sales are those sales that SHEIN makes to customers and that are final, that is, the garment or item in question will not be able to be returned by the customer and this is because it belongs to a section of products in which returns are not allowed.

You can identify what those final sales are simply by looking to see if the SHEIN product says "Returns or Exchanges Not Allowed". In this way you will have to accept that even if you do not like the product you cannot return it.

what are the final sales

The final sales products belong to the categories of hygiene products such as earrings, underwear, beauty, bodys or also party or pet items, diy and other accessories except scarves, bags or blankets.

What other items cannot be returned to SHEIN?

In addition to final sales, there are other SHEIN items that cannot be returned. Some of the items that cannot be returned are the following:

  • Promotional items such as SHEIN's flash sale which are deeply discounted products that only the particular customer will buy at that price.

  • The gifts that SHEIN offers us along with our purchase for buying the order spending a specific amount of money.

  • Items you want to return but have inadvertently broken or stained.

When ordering from SHEIN, it is recommended that you be careful with what you order because the inertia of quick purchases can make you pay for a large purchase thinking that later the products will look good on you and it may not.

Another tip that will help you know if you can buy a final sale on SHEIN or a product that is on sale is to look at the photographs of the clients to see if the product is as it appears in the images.

In addition, you must not make a mistake in the size since if you choose a size that is small you will not be able to use the product and you will have to sell it, give it away or try to fix it yourself. For this reason, it is always advisable to choose a larger size if you have many doubts, since then you can adjust it to make this garment smaller.