What is the equivalent of Vinted in the United States? (Alternatives to Vinted in the USA)

Still don't know which app to use as an alternative to the famous Vinted second-hand item sales app? In this article I will give you what would be that equivalent to Vinted in the USA and some alternatives that you may like.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
equivalent vinted usa

If you love Vinted to sell second-hand items such as clothing or accessories but you would like to sell in other applications and you really don't know which one to use then you should know the main equivalent to Vinted in the USA (if you still don't know the advantages of Vinted in United States you can read them here)

Vinted is the most famous APP in the European Union to sell second-hand items. And in reality, in the European Union, few others can face it or, in reality, few have its fame, and those that had have been absorbed by Vinted, however, in the United States it is different, and Vinted is not so popular, so what alternatives are there? to Vinted in USA?

Equivalent to Vinted in the USA

The closest equivalent to Vinted that works in the United States is without a doubt Poshmark. And it is that the operation of this APP is really similar to Vinted so its operation will be very familiar to you and you will not have problems when using it in APP or on the web.

However, unlike Vinted on Poshmark you will find commission on your sale while Vinted leaves the full profit to the sellers.

Another of the star applications in the United States that can also be the perfect alternative to Vinted is Depop, which also works in other countries and here you can also upload the advertisement of your clothes to be able to sell them and earn extra money monthly .

Depop also takes a small commission from each user's sale, so it is very similar to Poshmark in this respect and different from Vinted which gives us 0 cost.

Vestiaire Collective is another well-known APP where you can sell second-hand clothes but you will also get a 14 percent commission on your profit.

Other options for selling second-hand clothes similar to Vinted are Tradesy, Rebag, thredUP, or The RealReal.

Which is the best equivalent to Vinted in the USA

While all thrift apps will currently charge you commission except Vinted, if you're looking for an alternative that's good too, then Poshmark is the one to go for.

And it is that although it has a commission for sales, its use is very simple and there are currently many users who are using the application, so your sales possibilities are quite great.

As for buyers, they will have the facility to find what they are looking for more quickly due to a greater number of sellers present in the APP.

Other alternatives to Vinted in the USA

Other very interesting alternatives to Vinted is selling through the Facebook marketplace, which will give you greater freedom so as not to depend on a specific platform.

You can also make yourself known through social networks and sell your product from eBay or a platform such as Shopify even if it has a commission for sales.

Another way is to use second-hand markets to display your items so that other people can buy them.

If you want to learn more about second-hand sales, you can continue reading the contents that you will find in this blog.