Emmiol reviews: quality, shipping and returns of clothing, is it reliable?

Modern clothing doesn't have to be expensive. But if cheap prices have always made you suspicious about online stores, you need to know user opinions about Emmiol.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
emmiol reviews

Emmiol is the perfect alternative option to stores like SHEIN or Cider. It is a Chinese store where you will find fashionable clothes for women.

Despite being fashion of Chinese origin, which means mass manufacturing, Emmiol has a sustainability plan to improve the environment, for which it is only manufactured when it runs out of stock, managing to save a lot of water. They also plant trees every year.

Emmiol only has an online store, so I am going to tell you everything you need to know before placing an order at Emmiol, so that you can form an opinion before buying in the store.

Emmiol Sizes and Quality

The quality of Emmiol's clothes is similar to the more expensive SHEIN clothes, this means that the clothes are not so thin that they show through or wrinkle, but rather they are a bit thicker and therefore have structure.

Currently, if we look at all the stores, including the Chinese ones, they have evolved to a clothing model with lower quality and higher prices, in such a way that they obtain more profits despite allowing their sales to decrease.

Regarding the Emmiol sizes, the garments are quite small because they tend to the oriental body pattern, in which the hips are narrower, and we find that a size L is the maximum size It is 110 centimeters hip. Although there are some 118-centimeter garments, but they are generally small sizes. If in doubt, always choose a size larger. And remember that the measurements of each garment coincide with the garment, not with your body measurements.

Emmiol prices and discounts

Emmiol's prices are more than 10 euros in general terms throughout the store. And these prices then ensure that the garments have a little more quality.

If you are looking for Emmiol discounts you have the flash sale, which is the same as the sales section, where there are clothing items with up to 70 percent discounts. In addition, you will have a discount of 5 euros/dollars on your first order in the store.

Emmiol Shipping and Returns

Emmiol's shipping corresponds to a shipping term that includes order processing time and shipping time.

One of Emmil's weak points is its shipments, and that is that for an average shipping time of 15 days they have a minimum shipping cost of 9 euros if we do not spend more than 38 euros, from now on, up to 75 euros we will obtain shipping costs of 8 euros, and we will have to spend 74 euros on our order to be able to have free shipping.

To make a return at Emmiol you have 30 days from when your order arrived, and you can request it by sending them an email, so their return process is not very standardized.

You should know that in European Union countries VAT is charged for purchased products, and this tax is transferred to the customer as explained by Emmiol. This means that VAT is not included in the price of the products.

If you don't like the garments or they don't fit well, then it's you, the customer, who will have to pay the shipping cost, but if there is a factory defect in the garments, they will refund you or send you a new garment.

Regarding the payment of customs duties, it will depend on whether or not the order is stopped at customs, therefore the payment of customs duties is unlikely to occur.

Is Emmiol reliable?

Buying at Emmiol is reliable. our purchases will be safe under an encrypted payment. But I always recommend making your payments with a prepaid bank card intended only for online purchases.

One of the ways to trust Emmiol is by paying through Paypal. If we have a problem, we can claim our money from Paypal and they will return it to us.

They also allow us to pay in installments in the online store and as a general rule, except for shipping and return taxes, they look for ways to make customers buy easily and simply.

If you are looking for alternatives to Emmiol, you can always buy in stores like SHEIN, Aliexpress, Loavies, Sinsay, Trendyol, Cider, or any of the stores that you will find in this blog of which you can also read their review.