Emery Rose VS SHEIN, where is the best place to buy? [2023]

Learn about the difference between shopping at the SHEIN store and shopping at the Emery Rose store with the comparison you will find in this article.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
emery rose vs shein

I am sure that if you have visited the SHEIN online store you will have found the clothing brand Emery Rose that will have dazzled you with its clothing with unique and different prints. Or maybe you have searched for Emery Rose and realized that SHEIN also sells this clothing brand, even Romwe sells Emery Rose.

I talked about the relationship between SHEIN and Emery Rose in another article that you can read in this article about what is Emery Rose. But in this article I am going to explain what the difference is between the two online stores and which one is best for you to buy from.

Buy at Emery Rose or SHEIN

The most important difference that will make you decide whether to buy at the Emery Rose online store or at the SHEIN store where you will also find Emery Rose clothing, is that the Emery Rose online store only sells to the United States, that is, if you live outside the United States you cannot buy at Emery Rose, you will have to buy at SHEIN since they do not have shipments to any part of the world that is not part of the United States, while SHEIN sells internationally with extremely fast shipping.

Another important factor is the shipping costs which are the same in the United States for both online stores, for orders over 49 dollars shipping will be free, however if you want your shipping be express and last no more than 13 days, so if you buy at Emery Rose you will have an advantage because your order from 79 dollars will have free shipping while in SHEIN you must reach 199 dollars to have free express shipping, being the time of shipping the same for both online stores.

In the case of the Return Policy when comparing SHEIN and Emery Rose we find that in SHEIN the first product returned from an order will be free while for the rest we will have to pay 7.99 dollars for shipping. But in the case of Emery Rose we will have to pay $7.99 for a return, so we cannot find a free return.

Other important characteristics to take into account is that in the Emery Rose store we will find more articles of this brand, therefore we will be able to choose from a greater variety of products that have this casual boho style that Emery Rose has.

Furthermore, in SHEIN we must search for SHEIN articles for a long time, since when using the search engine it does not find all the articles that there are and in the category of the web menu it only presents us with the latest articles added to the store. At Emery Rose we have the articles on the first screen and we should not search for them, although if we want a specific article we must search since there is a wide variety of different clothing models.

As for discounts, both stores have discounts, but SHEIN has a points program that can be accumulated with momentary flashback offers of items, the stores' own coupons, gift cards and cashback websites. Which will make us add a lot of discount and get the clothes even cheaper.

In Emery Rose we do not have a points program, but we do have perpetual discount coupons when we buy more than 49 dollars, 79 dollars and 119 dollars, so we can take advantage of them at any time.

My Opinion on whether to buy at Emery Rose or SHEIN

When I go shopping at SHEIN, because I'm not from the United States, but from the European Union, I go all over the website looking for Emery Rose clothes, since they fit my body measurements more than others like Motf or Dazy, which are shorter and smaller garments, it is difficult for me to find the clothes and yet, when I go to the Emery Rose website, I really see clothes that I have never seen in SHEIN, really very beautiful.

Therefore, I recommend that if you are in the United States, and you love this brand, it is worth buying Emery Rose on the Emery Rose website to be able to take advantage of all the styles that this clothing brand has.

If you want to know more about why SHEIN and Emery Rose have almost the same clothes continue readingthis article where I explain it to you.