Emery Rose at SHEIN How is the quality of the Clothes? Opinion [2023]

Get to know my opinion about the quality and characteristics of the Emery Rose brand clothing that is sold at SHEIN and leave any doubts to place your order.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
emery rose shein review

Emery Rose is an independent clothing brand from SHEIN, it has its own online store, but it is also sold in the SHEIN store and this is because SHEIN clothing is manufactured by the SHEIN factory.

We can find the Emery Rose garments tagged by your logo in the images of their clothing, or if we do a search in the SHEIN search engine for the term "Emery Rose" or access "News" >> "Emery Rose" in the web menu or the SHEIN APP.

But surely you have doubts about whether to buy Emery Rose clothes from SHEIN or from its official store, and in this article I want to tell you about my opinion of Emery Rose after having bought several clothes and accessories in SHEIN.

What are Emery Rose's clothes like

Emery Rose's clothing has as its main characteristic being clothing in which prints predominate, with a bohemian style mixed with hippie that mixes dark saturated colors with very colorful tones to create contrasts that give rise to simple garments with a special touch. .

This is really what I liked the most about clothes, since I like basic garments and Emery Rose has them as well as being different because of their colors and patterns.

emery rose shein

The characteristics of Emery Rose's clothing can then be summarized as:

- Basic garments.
- Clothing with prints.
- Prints with elements of nature.
- Contrasting colours.
- Casual style.

Emery Rose's clothing has a casual style, and above all it is more suitable for people 25 years of age and older, since the cut of their garments gives an elegant style that can be very dressy for young people.

Also if you want to look more elegant in a basic and comfortable way, the Emery Rose garments are really the ones that can give you this style.

Quality of Emery Rose clothing

The quality of Emery Rose's clothing is excellent, although not all garments are created equal. You should know that polyester garments are thinner, and cotton garments are thicker. In my case, after buying 5 or more Emery Rose t-shirts, plus size t-shirts and several necklaces, although I still want to buy more clothes, I can say that the clothes are not see-through even though I was skeptical at first.

Although I assure you that the quality of Emery Rose's clothing is great, I recommend that you always look at all the photographs of the clothing opinions to verify that the garment is what you expect.

Emery Rose's clothing size

Emery Rose's clothing size is neither big nor small. Yes, it is true that they are garments that usually look better in a loose look that is not so tight because their bohemian style makes it so.

What I have done to buy Emery Rose clothes and get the size right is to measure my chest and add 10 centimeters more so that the garment would be loose. Therefore, being 95 centimeters I always take a 105 to 110 and it looks great on me.

For my mother, in this case a large size, having a maximum upper perimeter of 125, I have always chosen for her sizes that are also 10 centimeters larger, 135 or 140.

It's just a matter of clicking on the sizes and set the size you want. If you want the tightest clothing, just measure yourself and choose the size that matches that perimeter.

emery rose shein

You should know that Emery Rose tops have longer garment lengths and longer arms. This is what makes it more conservative, ideal for people who want to dress more elegantly while being basic.

In my case, I started buying Emery Rose's clothes based on the length of their sleeves and the length of the garment, since being tall and not small, I needed this length and almost all SHEIN garments were cut for me of sleeves or torso, and I don't like the clothing in the tall women's section because there is little variety.

Emery Rose clothing prices

The prices of Emery Rose's clothing are affordable, on average 6 euros, although in offers we can find clothes for up to 4 euros minimum.

The clothes on sale continue to be of very good quality, since most of the Emery Rose clothes that I buy are always on sale and have turned out to be of very good quality.

Opinion on Emery Rose's clothes

My opinion of Emery Rose is very good, although before buying I was afraid because the clothes could be really bad, the seams of the clothes are good, not excellent but very good. The right sizes and good length and width. Clothes are not transparent at all.

Furthermore, with the style of Emery Rose I have managed to have one more style of dressing but without giving up the basics and comfort, which is what I like.

If you want to know What is the relationship between Emery Rose and SHEIN? Here you will find out, the answer will surprise you and will get you out of doubt.