SHEIN restock sold out items to be able to buy them again? [2023]

That SHEIN dress you liked has sold out and you don't know what you can do to buy it. Don't worry because here you will find out what happens if a SHEIN product is out of stock.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
does shein restock sold out items

Having everything we want from SHEIN is complicated. Sometimes we are filling our basket when at the moment we are going to buy the item that we wanted the most it has disappeared and is in the list of sold out items because someone else has bought before you.

Then, it is time to find out what you can do if your product is out of stock, as I explain below.

SHEIN restock items already sold?

If you see that the product you like is "out of stock" and you can't buy it, what happens is that there are no more stocks of that product.

All SHEIN items tend to sell out quickly because there are so many customers. However, it is true that SHEIN indicates that there are few units when the garment may actually have been published for a long time and there are quite a few units.

It is recommended that if you like a garment and need it, you buy it as quickly as possible so as not to run out of it.

Even if your garment is sold out, SHEIN tends to replenish items quite a few times, so if a garment has been a success it is almost guaranteed that they will have more products.

Remember that if you are making a return because you want to change your size and the product is out of stock, there will be no option to buy another garment of another size unless SHEIN replaces that product.

When do you restock items at SHEIN?

Replenishment of items at SHEIN for both new sizes and new items is several times a week. They can replace on any date but not every time they replace means that they will replace the item you want to buy.

Then when they replace it, it does not mean that they will bring back the product that you like, but it may be that they bring a similar one that can be used to buy it.

What do I do if a product is out of stock at SHEIN

If that garment or product you like is out of stock, I want to give you some tips that will help you get it to buy:

  • Activate notifications: you can activate the notifications of that product to know if it has been replaced. To do this, you just have to add the item to your favorites and you will see how a notification arrives on your mobile with the replacement items and you can buy it when it is available.

    In similar products, not all similar products always appear and it is recommended that you continue searching through the SHEIN APP search engine.

  • Find alternatives: You can search for clothes similar to the sold-out item you like. You just have to add the product to favorites and click the "Similar" button to see more of the same items.

  • Buy it second hand: Usually a lot of people end up selling SHEIN clothes because they don't fit well and they can't return them because they're on sale. Then you can search second-hand apps like Vinted, Poshmark, Wallapop or Mercado Libre for this item of clothing you like to see if it's available. Another way is to post the item in SHEIN or second-hand Facebook groups to find out if someone has it.

  • Look for it on Aliexpress: There are many clothing similar to SHEIN that you can find on Aliexpress. To find it, download the image of the garment you like and upload it to the Aliexpress image search engine to see similar ones.