Does SHEIN clothes run big or small - How do I know? [2023]

How to know if SHEIN sizes run big or small to get your purchases right and not lose money is something you need to know when shopping at SHEIN.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
does shein clothes run big or small

As in everything, and in SHEIN it is no less, to buy in SHEIN you learn by buying, however there is a way to buy correctly the first time, and if we make sure to buy well the first time then we can take advantage of the items in offer that cannot be returned and therefore we will buy more clothes for much less money and we will have more possibilities of combining our wardrobe.

The first time I bought at SHEIN I didn't make the wrong size and this is due to what I am going to tell you in this article.

SHEIN sizes do not run small or big , I mean, you cannot say that SHEIN clothes are big or small as if it happens in Aliexpress where the clothes are small, size for Oriental women and men.

Each item of clothing in SHEIN has different measurements, that is, what an M of one pants measures is not the same as an M of another pants.

Therefore, it is necessary that you look at the measurements of each item to be sure. You will see the measurements by clicking on each size of each garment in SHEIN, therefore you have to know yes or yes your body measurements.

However, SHEIN sizes run big, normal and small. This means that SHEIN sizes are normally western, but there are also sections for women's plus size, small size and tall women.

Therefore, there is the possibility of dressing any body with SHEIN garments.

However, surely you want to know how not to go wrong when shopping at SHEIN. The first thing you should take into account are your body measurements, and then you have to know if you want the garments to be loose or tight.

Even cheaper clothes can be found at SHEIN, if you want to know how, you can find the keys here.

I always choose clothes 10 centimeters taller than my body since I like loose clothes but not excessively, because it makes me look thinner. Also, if in any case my clothes are too big, I can always adjust them to my body in some places with a sewing machine and that helps me a lot, and I recommend it.

Always pay attention to SHEIN measurements and do not take garments that measure less than your body measurements. You can only choose garments that measure less than your body if it is garments such as leggings, underwear or tops that stretch a lot of which you should check if they contain spandex to stretch or check the comments to see other people who have bought that garment having plus size of the measurements indicated in the article.

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Another option is to measure the clothes in your closet that you like the most to know exactly what size of clothes you want to buy, so you will not have to take your measurements and add a few centimeters if you want it wider, if not that you will find the perfect measurements of clothes.