Cupshe Reviews of the store to buy cheap clothes, is it reliable? [2022]

Should I buy on Cupshe? The million dollar question that all customers ask themselves before buying in this online store. Learn everything you need to know about Cupshe's opinions regarding shipments, returns, quality, price and reliability of the store.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
cupshe reviews

Cupshe probably has everything you'd expect from an average online fashion store where you can buy swimwear at low prices. Although you will also find some clothes that are not swimwear that are compatible with summer life.

Her experience began in 2015 selling women's fashion, but if you've never bought from Cupse, it's normal that you don't trust this store. For this reason, here I explain everything you need to know in order to have an opinion on Cupshe.

Cupshe's opinions to buy clothes

The Quality of Cupshe is similar to the quality of SHEIN clothing. If you have bought from SHEIN before, you will know that the quality of this is an average quality between that of Inditex and that of Aliexpress, therefore it is a clothing that you will be able to wear for a few years but its seams are not as well finished as garments can be. more expensive.

The variety of clothes that you will find in Cupshe is not very big, it is a medium-sized swimwear store with a sample of clothes for day to day, so there is not as much variety as in other stores like SHEIN but their designs are quite modern so we will not regret our purchase.

Cupshe's clothing size covers between a 80 and a 108 centimeter bust for standard size garments and we also find large sizes that start at a 103 bust up to a 131 centimeter bust. bust. So even though the store has plus sizes, plus sizes are not especially large. However, it is one of the few stores where you can buy large size swimwear.

As you may already know, there are no prices as cheap as SHEIN's, but Cupshe's prices aren't much more expensive than those of other Chinese stores either. Cupshe prices can be up to 10 euros more expensive than SHEIN prices.

However, you can always use the Cupshe discounts to have a cheaper purchase and select garments from their sale sections, subscribe to their newsletter to have a 15 percent discount or use the 10 percent student discount by spending a minimum of 49 euros in the store.

If you become a Cupshe affiliate then you can earn money on those purchases made by the users you have invited to buy on the page. The profit percentage is 5 to 10 percent of the customer's order and you can join through the Awin platform.

The Cupshe shipments are quite fast and last approximately 15 days, which will depend on the country from which you buy. They have free shipping for Standard shipping if you buy more than 29 euros or pay 2.99 euros of shipping costs, and for Express shipping of more than 59 euros or pay 5.99 euros shipping cost.

You have a period of 35 days available to make your Cupshe returns from the moment the order arrives at your home and you must be responsible for the shipping costs of the return.

Cupshe's Taxes to the countries of the European Union (VAT) are included in Cupshe's sales prices. For the countries of Canada, orders must pay taxes.

Regarding the Cupshe customs the order can be stopped randomly, so the customer should pay a fee if they want to recover the order. However, Cupshe orders are just as likely to be stopped as orders from other online stores.

Cupshe is a secure platform where you can make your fashion purchases because it is encrypted and you can always opt for payment methods that do not put you at risk, such as Paypal or a virtual card created at your bank. At Cupshe you can use the payment method that you like the most, choosing between: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Paypal, Paypal Credit, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

Cupshe also warns that some transactions may have added surcharges of 2 or 3% of the purchase price for being international purchases.

Even if you want to have more security or familiarity when paying on Cupshe, in some countries you can already opt for Amazon payment methods because Cupshe is selling through this marketplace. To find out if Cupshe is available to buy in your country, you just have to search for the word "Cupshe" in the Amazon search engine.

Cupshe's prices that you will find are somewhat higher but in exchange it promises much faster shipments than those that come from the Cupshe store in China, since Cupshe's clothing for Amazon is located within its warehouses in each country .

The advantages of buying at Cupshe are notable, since we can buy original swimwear and various designs for affordable prices. We also find quite large sizes that do not exist in other stores.

However, the main disadvantage of buying at Cupshe is the fact that the return shipment is not free and the customer must manage it on their own. In addition, there are few ways to get discounts in the store.

I invite you to get to know other stores of Chinese origin similar to Cupshe where you can buy and to learn about all their characteristics in the contents that you will find in this blog.