How to get Shopee coupons and use them easily [2023]

Find out how to get coupons quickly and how to use them to save a lot of money on your Shopee purchases.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
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If you are new to Shopee or have already bought several times, surely you are interested in knowing how you can buy more while saving money. For this, the Shopee coupons are our allies and I will explain how to get them because you can really buy in Shopee for very little money thanks to them.

How to get coupons in Shopee ?

The way to get coupons in Shopee is different depending on where we can find them. There are several types of coupons in Shopee and each one is obtained in a different way.

For each type of Shopee coupon we can get them as follows:

  • New User Coupons

    When you register as a new user in Shopee they will give you a discount coupon of 4 euros on purchases of more than 5 euros. However, this new user coupon can change its discount depending on the date it is in.

  • Daily Coupons

    Every day Shopee offers coupons with discount money. Normally it is usually every day at 10 hours, but this time can vary, you just have to enter the Shopee website to participate in the daily coupons by clicking the "Get" button. You must run because otherwise you will not be able to get one of these coupons.

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  • Shopee Store Coupons

    Sellers in Shopee offer discount coupons within their own stores that you can redeem when you make your purchases from that specific store.

    You just have to follow these steps visit the product you like, click on the name of the store and then click on get the discount.

    coupons shopee coupons shopee

    You can also find many interesting discounts on the Shopee website in a fast way.

    coupons shopee
  • Shopee Surprise Coupons

    While you visit the Shopee website you will see different images that invite you to get coupons, therefore it is recommended that you click to get them because these coupons come from random promotions by Shopee and it is uncontrollable to know when they will offer one.

  • Shopee Free Shipping Coupons

    Free shipping in Shopee does not have a coupon by default. That is, if someone promises you a Shopee free shipping coupon you should know that these do not exist. If not, Shopee periodically offers free shipping in its online store and also limits the free shipping per month that its sellers have.

  • Website Shopee Coupons

    There are other coupons in Shopee that give online websites but they are not recommended since most of the time they are invented and do not work. All of the above-mentioned coupons are the ones that actually work on Shopee.

How to use coupons in Shopee ?

To use one or more Shopee coupons you must follow the following steps:

  1. Add to your cart all the products you want to buy and select them to see the final price.

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  2. If claiming a coupon appears under the products, it is because one of the stores where you have bought it has a discount coupon available. Click on "Get" to apply it to your cart.

    coupons shopee
  3. Add coupons that you have obtained to your shopping cart. Click on "Select or enter code" where it indicates Platform Coupon just above the final price. Just select the coupons you want to add and click "OK" to apply them.

    coupons shopee
  4. Finally click on "Pay and exit" to make your purchase.

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