How to Contact Allylikes if you have problems [Updated 2023]

Do you have a problem or a question regarding the AllyLikes APP and you don't know what to do about it? Learn how to contact AllyLikes to fully resolve your problems.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
contact allylikes

When it comes to making a purchase on the APP or website of the Chinese fashion store, we can have multiple doubts and we do not know who to ask.

But you are in luck, and the AllyLikes customer service can solve any of your doubts for any of the reasons that we will see below.

There are several ways to contact AllyLikes among which are: contact by email , contact by web form and contact for returns.

Each way of contacting AllyLikes is done in a different way as you will learn in this article.

Reasons why you can contact AllyLikes

If any of the reasons why you want to contact AllyLikes is one of those included in the following list, then you have more than enough causes to contact their team:

- Deliveries or orders: if your order has not arrived on time, or it is marked as delivered but you have not received it, or there is any other problem related to the delivery of your package, you can contact AllyLikes .

- Products and stocks: if you are interested in a product but you have doubts about it or its stocks, it is also a justified cause.

- Payments: if you have problems with payments when you are going to make a purchase, the AllyLikes team will solve your problem.

- Account: in case you have problems with your user account and you don't know how to solve them, AllyLikes can help you with it.

Contact AllyLikes by email

In case you want to contact AllyLikes in a fast and comfortable way, it is interesting to do it easily through email.

You must write to AllyLikes email [email protected] , describing your problem and including a descriptive subject for the message.

Remember to include as much detail as possible so that the team can quickly give you a solution.

Contact AllyLikes on the web

Another way to contact this online clothing platform is through the website using its form.

First you must enter In the web form , add your data and then the reason for your question. In this way you will receive a response in your email quickly.

Contact AllyLikes by phone

Currently Contacting AllyLikes by phone by phone is not possible, since nowhere on your website can we find a phone contact.

However, the rest of the ways to contact AllyLikes will serve us perfectly to solve our problems.

Contact AllyLikes for returns

In the event that the reason you want to contact AllyLikes is to process a return of an order that did not match the product description, some damage or error, the way to process the return is not contact AllyLikes .

In this case you must visit your list of orders and click on "Return" which is located below the order that you are interested in returning, at that time you must fill in the details for AllyLikes to confirm the request return.

Only if you have already requested your return and you are in the process will it be time to contact AllyLikes through the web or form to be able to ask them about any problem you have had in the return or any questions you need to clear up.

Then you will see that for every reason you want to contact AllyLikes there is a way that can make you solve your problems faster.

Even so, if you want to avoid contacting AllyLikes you can learn more about the operation of this platform in a more up-to-date way are the articles in this blog.