Clothes cheaper than SHEIN: are there cheaper stores? [2023]

If you have ever wondered if there are clothing stores cheaper than SHEIN, and you still don't really know what to answer, then in this article you will find the answer to your questions.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
clothes cheaper than shein

We all really love SHEIN prices so we finally buy our clothes at SHEIN to fill our closet again. As time goes by, you raise different questions about SHEIN.

If you want to shop cheaper at SHEIN, you may have realized that the solution is to buy clothes on sale, apply points, coupons and gift cards, but are SHEIN clothes really cheap?< /p>

Perhaps this doubt has crossed your mind. We love the SHEIN phenomenon, the wide variety of clothes it has and the different prices that sometimes invite us to buy without asking anything else.

But after some time shopping at SHEIN and buying at other stores, in the end it is inevitable to make comparisons and ask yourself, is these clothes cheaper than SHEIN?

Which clothes are cheaper than SHEIN?

Despite the fact that I love SHEIN and its clothes, I have realized that in other stores the clothes are cheaper, although this depends on the moment and the situation.

For example, if we want basics, we can find them in food supermarkets such as Lidl or Carrefour in Spain, or in stores such as Primark, Pepco, Zeeman or Sinsay.

In the end, really, I think all this is enhanced because SHEIN has been raising its prices progressively to cover the losses when we apply coupons and points.

If on average a t-shirt at SHEIN without discounting has a price of 7 to 10 euros, which is the most normal, we can find it in other basic supermarkets for up to 5 euros.

But you'll say, what about the latest designer clothes? Are there clothing brands that sell cheaper than SHEIN? Well, unfortunately or luckily, there are brands that sell cheaper than SHEIN and with more quality, the problem is that it costs more to find these clothes.

In general, in all those clothing brands that come to mind, during sales periods when a different time season starts, you will find cheaper clothes from the previous season that they want to liquidate and at very low prices. low.

This happens with some Cortefiel-type clothing brands, with all the brands that your marketplace contains, Springfield, Mango, or all the Zalando and Asos brands, and even in online outlets.

The quality of the clothes in these stores is much higher, we will be able to keep the clothes alive for a longer time. And we can also buy clothes for 7 to 20 euros, coming home soon.

Even in the applications for the sale of second-hand clothing we will find good brand name garments of great quality for really ridiculous prices.

However, these prices are not available all year round nor will we always like the design of the garments that are on sale. In addition, they are garments that are usually finished quickly.

You also have to know that it is rare to find clothes of the same design as SHEIN for less. In the case of stores of the same SHEIN origin as Zaful, Romwe, Cider or Allylikes among others, so far I have not found a store that sells clothes as cheap as SHEIN's.

Therefore, it is normal that people finally buy from SHEIN. In my case, I maintain a balance between buying in different stores depending on what I need at the specific time.

However, if you have doubts as to whether it is more ethical to buy in these other stores, you should know that really all the stores that sell clothes at low prices use a Fast Fashion production style and therefore they all have a similar production ethic . So, if you don't shop at Slow Fashion stores where prices are noticeably higher, you won't get much of a difference compared to shopping at SHEIN or the other stores mentioned above.

If you are also wondering if SHEIN MOFT's luxury clothing collection is worth buying compared to the quality of clothes from non-Chinese stores like SHEIN, There will always be a small difference, and that is that stores of non-Chinese origin have a more exhaustive control on their garments, so they will have a little better MOFT quality. Although the difference between MOFT and the rest of SHEIN clothing is remarkable.

It is up to you to choose where to buy and surely all the options will serve you at some specific time. But if you want to learn more about SHEIN you can always read the contents that you will find in this blog.