Are SHEIN clothes true to size, can I trust them? [My experience]

If you still don't trust SHEIN and want to know if the sizes they share in their online store are really the ones you will see when the garment reaches your hands, then you need to know my experience shopping at SHEIN regarding sizes.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
are shein clothes true to size

Can you really trust the size charts listed on each SHEIN item? SHEIN is one of the few online stores that mark the sizes along with the centimeters of measurement of each of the areas of each garment.

In this article I give you a global vision of the accuracy of SHEIN sizes from my experience shopping inside the store where there have been both good and bad experiences.

How to find SHEIN sizes

The way you can find the sizes in SHEIN is by visiting the garment you want to know the size of and clicking on each size to see how the measurement data is displayed or by clicking on the "SIZE GUIDE" button " to see the size chart appear.

Are SHEIN clothes true to size

Both ways you will see the same sizes. That is, the measurements of the Size Guide coincide with those that you will see by clicking size by size. Therefore, in this aspect, there is truth on the part of SHEIN.

Are SHEIN clothes true to size

If you wonder if SHEIN sizes are true, you have to know that the answer is: IT DEPENDS. This depends on the item of clothing you want to buy.

But as a general rule, and after all the purchases I have made at SHEIN, I can tell you that most of the measurements indicated in each size are true and correspond to reality when the product arrived.

In a very small percentage or almost non-existent, the measurement of areas of the garment that may be narrower may be wrong or not indicated. This is the case of lower underwear where the hip may be your size but the part around the leg usually has a narrow seam that is smaller than it would actually be for that size.

Another type of garment that is not the same in terms of measurements as in reality are garments with a lot of lycra or elastane. These garments stretch a lot, so in the photographs the garment looks very small and when you put it on it stretches a lot. The problem is that these garments are not measured on a person, which is when they take their normal size. If not, they are measured flat, and therefore measure much less. Therefore, in this case you will be impressed to see that the measurements have nothing to do with a human body.

Are SHEIN clothes true to size

These garments are mostly bodysuits. And there are really many garments of this type that are sold in SHEIN and have an elastane that exceeds 5 percent. At which point you will begin to see that the measurements have nothing to do with the garment. These garments should be small so that later they stretch and stick to the torso.

As you can see, all the very elastic garments are the ones that will give you the most problems when buying because the measurements do not have much to do with those of a garment with normal elastic.

In case you are wondering if the sizes of the SHEIN swimsuits are true you have to know that what happens is the same as with the bodysuits. These stretch but you have to be careful with push up swimsuits where they give us the size including the padding so the sizes may seem larger than they really are. If the swimsuit does not have a push up we will not have this problem and we will be able to choose the size easily as I will explain below.

How to check SHEIN sizes

To validate the sizes of SHEIN garments, you must first take the measurements of your body: shoulders (shoulders are measured in width from the center to the center of the curve of each shoulder, not in contour), bust , waist and hip.

For garments with less than 5% elastane you will have no problem because they will match and it will be very simple to choose the size because you only have to look for your measurement in the size table.

But for people who buy these types of stretch garments where the elastane is greater than 5 percent, they are more difficult to choose and often end up buying the garments simply because of the size they usually buy. I do not recommend this.

In my case what I do is visit the "Description" section of the garment and you will see the percentage of elastane. So if the percentage is 12% for example, we divide it by 100 and add 1.10, leaving 1.22 and multiply 1.22 by the measurement that interests you, such as bust.

If the bust of the M is 73 centimeters, we multiply by 1.22 and then we obtain 89 centimeters of bust. This measurement would be how far the garment would stretch in that area of ​​the body to fit you well. So if you have a bust of approximately 89 centimeters, this measurement will fit you.

If you see two measurements, a minimum and a maximum in the garment, as happens with underwear, you can take the average between both garments or multiply the smallest measurement as we have done before.

Finally, no matter how you choose to validate the sizes, you can always know if the SHEIN sizes are true by looking at the opinions of other clients, since their measurements and the size they bought appear with a photograph . This way you can compare reliably.

My personal experience with SHEIN sizes

In my time shopping for clothes at SHEIN I have had both good and bad experiences. But since you sure want to know the bad ones so as not to repeat them, I'll tell you here.

In my chaos I have come to buy clothes that are too big even if I measured myself thinking that the difference would hardly be noticeable. But the advice I give you is that in summer clothes do not buy clothes that are more than 4 centimeters from your measurements if you do not want to wear very wide clothes. The problem is that then the clothes come out big and you appear to be larger, something that in my case does not fit me well because I am a wide person and I seem even bigger.

In the case of underwear I have had this problem that in general I have also read in the opinions that other girls have because in the West the thighs are usually wider than in the East, the base of SHEIN, and therefore the thigh It usually fits just in those more elastic garments. So be very careful with this.

Another thing that has been very relevant to me and that I have realized when I have spent a lot of time shopping at SHEIN and that has a special relationship with my body construction. It is that if you look at the opinions of many of SHEIN's elastic garments they have a slight peak in the shoulders, which will suit you if you have a small body or with few shoulders, but for women with wide shoulders it can be a bit strange as in my case where I appear to have more than I do.

In this way you must be careful and watch very well the photographs of the opinions of the users' purchases, and if you see a wrinkle in the shoulders you will know that even if you buy your size it will make you appear to have more shoulders.