7 Alternatives to JustFab to Buy Cheap Shoes [2023]

Have you had a bad experience with JustFab and would you really like to find an online store where you can buy cheap shoes? Find here the best alternatives to JustFab.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
alternatives to justfab

Most of the people who look for alternatives to JustFab do so because they have seen this store's sale of shoes for 10 euros and then they have had a bad experience with JustFab and its VIP subscription or they have simply read their conditions and they didn't like it.

However, there are many other stores where you can buy cheap, good quality shoes and clothing without subscriptions. You don't have to go to JustFab to buy shoes for 10 euros.

In addition, you should keep in mind that buying at 10 euros on JustFab implies a monthly fee that therefore raises that very low price of 10 euros for the footwear. So in this article we will see which are the online stores alternatives to JustFab that will help us to buy cheaply.

Alternatives to JustFab

These are the stores alternatives to JustFab. Some of them are international and others are not, but they are found in many countries:

  • Chinese bazaars: they are found in our streets of our cities, and the footwear, even if you think it will be of poor quality, most of the footwear currently sold by fashion stores comes from China . Therefore, you can buy footwear in these neighborhood stores for only approximately 10 or 15 euros. Yes, it is true, that the variety is small but we can still take advantage of these opportunities.

  • Primark: Primark shoes have little to envy to other stores. Yes, it is true that its design is not very innovative, but the prices of the shoes are really cheap, they can even be cheaper than JustFab's. It does not have an online store but Primark can be found in most cities around the world.

  • SHEIN: SHEIN is the most effective JustFab alternative because it even has more product variety than JustFab with free shipping and no monthly fees that we owe to pay. The design of SHEIN products is very extensive. In addition, the quality is of Chinese origin and there are user opinions for each product with which you can check their appearance.

  • Chaussea: Chaussea is a specialist shoe store that has footwear of all types and very diverse prices starting at 12 euros. The pity is that currently their online store is only in France and Belgium but we can buy physically in their stores distributed all over the world.

  • Kiabi and C&A: Both C&A and Kiabi have very cheap clothes and their shoes are also cheap. They are found in most cities around the world and we can also buy online.

  • Second-hand: If you don't mind buying second-hand, it's also a good option to get amazingly designed shoes for low prices from other people who don't wear them anymore. For this you can buy in second-hand stores in your city or on the Internet through Vinted or Poshmark.

  • Aliexpress: On Aliexpress, the most famous Chinese products store, you can also buy shoes, although their prices are somewhat higher than SHEIN's. But by searching well you can find interesting clothes at low prices.

  • Sales and outlet stores: at times of sales and outlet stores we find heavily discounted clothing, including shoes, that we can buy for a low price. In some outlets such as Fifty Outlet, Lefties or Mango outlet we can find cheap clothes throughout the year.

You can still learn more about these stores in the articles you will find in this blog. Keep reading the other articles to save and find discount clothes for little price.