AllyLikes Size Guide - How to choose a size without making a mistake? [2022]

Your online purchase at AllyLikes, the Aliexpress fashion store will be a success if you know how to choose your size correctly.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
allylikes size guide

New to AllyLikes? You don't know how to choose your size? If you are in this case, it is time to learn to choose size in AllyLikes .

The AllyLikes store is very new and most people do not know how to choose a size, however, like most stores of Chinese origin, AllyLikes has a very marked peculiarity when it comes to presenting their sizes.

AllyLikes Size Guide

AllyLikes does not have a unified size guide for all the clothing items it sells in its online store.

This means that for each garment that we see in your online store we must look at its measurements in centimeters or inches and see how they correspond to the specific sizes.

When we visit a garment in AllyLikes, such as this coat, we see that to choose the size of AllyLikes , the sizes of the garment are shown next to it and if we click on "M "," L ", or" XL "it appears to us what measurement of bust, length of sleeve and length of the garment this coat has.

size guide allylikes

For each garment, the measurements do not match and neither do the lengths indicated, since some garments can indicate the width of the waist and another of the hips or the length of the shoulders.

Also on the right we find the button "Size Guide" to which by clicking we will see that a size with sizes appears.

This table with sizes and measurements is unique for this article, that is, it is not valid for any other.

size guide allylikes

How to choose size in Allylikes ?

Follow these steps to quickly buy at AllyLikes, choose your size correctly:

  1. Take a clothing measuring tape and measure the width of your chest, waist, hips, thigh, length from shoulder to shoulder, length of arms, length of leg, length of final pants crotch, neck width and head width. Write down these measurements on a piece of paper.

  2. Choose the garment that you like the most from AllyLikes and click on "Size guide" and look for each measurement that you have that you have measured in the table until you find your size.

  3. Finally, if you want the garment to be looser, choose the garment that is 2 or 3 centimeters larger than the chest measurement you have taken from your body. If you want the garment to fit tightly then choose your equivalent centimeters in size.

Tips choose size in Allylikes

Knowing your measurements and choosing your equivalency in size for each learn, the task in Allylikes of choosing does not end because you must take into account some tips that without knowing them, the purchase you make may not be so good for you:

  • Control the spandex : if you control the amount of spandex (elastane) that a garment wears, you will have the battle won.

    Spandex is the component of clothing that makes it elastic. Between 1 or 2 percent of elastane will be more than enough, and 3 percent would be a garment that you buy and in one or two uses it is already very elastic.

    Therefore, if you buy a garment that stretches a lot, it is always more interesting to choose one size less because when you put it on twice it will stretch and your size will be made.

  • Check the polyester : if a garment has a large amount of polyester, it is most likely that it does not breathe well, therefore, with fabrics to avoid in warm seasons.

    Look for garments that mix polyester with cotton, and better if they have linen because they will be cooler.

  • Be careful with oversize garments: oversize garments have special characteristics, and that is that their measurements for each size will always be larger than your body since they are wide garments, therefore you must wear them wide or they will be short sleeves.

    The sleeves of these garments are normally dropped shoulder so you should bear in mind that it will indicate a shorter sleeve length as it indicates from the shoulder seam to the end of the sleeve.

  • Beware of transparencies : Chinese clothing can be really fine and this makes it transparent, therefore, although in AllyLikes there are still no user opinions, take a look in each photograph to see if there may be any transparency in that garment.

You can see all the textile components of each garment in the "Details" section of each product, where it also indicates how elastic the garment is.

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