Allylikes or SHEIN, which is better to buy cheap clothes? [Comparison 2023]

Find out which of the two stores: SHEIN or Allylikes, can be the best option if you want to buy cheap clothes in china and take your wardrobe of all those new looks you want.

Author of the article: Olalla Mellado Digital editor of trends.
allylikes shein which is better

If you have recently discovered the online Chinese clothing store Allylikes created by the same business group that directs and created Aliexpress, surely you already knew SHEIN and now you want to know if it is worth buying from this store. Which is better SHEIN or Allylikes?

SHEIN compared to Allylikes

The comparison between SHEIN and Allylikes that I am going to do next will give you a general idea of ​​the great differences between these two low-cost clothing sales platforms:

  • Security and payments SHEIN or Allylikes: the payment gateway of both stores are encrypted so the payment is secure. However, Allylikes may have some flaws in the process since it is improving as it is a platform that is just beginning.

  • Discounts and SHEIN coupons or Allylikes: as you already know SHEIN is always bombarding us with discount coupons everywhere, plus we can use their points program and they always apply discount offers to many of his garments. In Allylikes there are more discounts but they are smaller and do not have a points program.

  • SHEIN Affiliate Program or Allylikes: Affiliate programs are programs where influencers come together to promote clothes and get money in return. In the case of SHEIN and Allylikes, both have affiliate programs, although SHEIN also has another program called SHEINgals that is for much larger influencers.

  • SHEIN prices or Allylikes: prices are always a positive point for stores of Chinese origin. In this case, the prices of Allylikes will be higher than those of SHEIN around 3 to 6 euros more. So in the low price comparison SHEIN wins, even so the prices of Allylikes are still cheaper than those of other western stores.

  • SHEIN or Allylikes shipping: SHEIN ships internationally to almost all countries, while Allylikes ships to Europe, Canada and the United States.

    Shipping at SHEIN is normally free for a minimum order of 29 euros, while for Allylikes the minimum order is 19 euros. The shipping price for smaller orders is €2.99 for SHEIN and €3.99 for Allylikes.

  • SHEIN Returns or Allylikes: Returns at SHEIN are free for the first return of a product. At Allylikes, returns are free if it is for a problem that they have caused, such as a wrong or damaged product and the remaining returns must be paid by the customer.

  • Sizing, Variety & Rotation SHEIN or Allylikes: SHEIN sizing includes Petite, Regular and Plus sizes, Men's, Women's, Maternity, Boy's, Girl's, Baby and animals. At Allylikes you will find women's clothing in sizes between S and three XL.

    The variety of clothing designs is greater in SHEIN as well as the product rotation, since in SHEIN more products are added daily than in Allylikes.

  • SHEIN quality or Allylikes: Chinese clothing with low prices always has something similar that happens equally in SHEIN and Allylikes. The clothes are generally wearable, but the seams on the inside can always be seen with a poor finish. The more expensive the clothes we buy, the more certain we will be that they are better finished.

  • SHEIN Customs or Allylikes: The possibility of your package being held in customs when it arrives in your country is equally likely for both stores. It is recommended to make low volume orders so as not to attract attention and be stopped at customs.

  • SHEIN or Allylikes taxes: luckily for all citizens of the European Union, the VAT tax that we have the obligation to declare as consumers of online stores outside the European Union will not be any problem neither in SHEIN nor in Allylikes because in both stores it is included and we will not have to do anything else when we receive the product at home.

Advantages of Allylikes over SHEIN

The biggest advantages of Allylikes over SHEIN is that we can always place an order with free shipping for a lower order price than SHEIN.

Finally, I can say that Allylikes declares itself as a very good alternative if you don't find anything you like on SHEIN. In addition, it can be a great rival in the future for SHEIN that lowers its prices and then yes, it will be even cheaper clothes.

SHEIN advantages over Allylikes

SHEIN totally has all the advantages as a cheap fashion store. On almost every point it's better than Allylikes (at the time of writing).

Therefore, in terms of prices, as well as a variety of sizes, discounts, and returns, SHEIN is presented as a better and more positive option.

You can still get to know other online stores that can compete with SHEIN in the articles that you will see below.